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Vaguely In Focus > Tools for Photosensitive Epilepsy I: Flashing

Posted 02 April 2016

You can find the original post here . This version has been formatted to fit your scr-- I mean, formatted for GameDev.net
In 2009 engineers from the University of Wisconsin released a piece of software called PEAT . This software has been used in medicine since as a tool to diagnose patients with photosensitive epilepsy. This is a disease where strobin...

Vaguely In Focus > Microfacet Importance Sampling: For Dummies

Posted 06 February 2016

Despite how important of a topic good importance sampling is in the area of global illumination, it's usually left out of all common-English conversations and tutorials about path tracing (with the exception of the Lambertian case, which is a good introduction to importance sampling). If you want to get into microfacet importance sampling, multiple import...

Vaguely In Focus > Mathematics of Origami: Flat folding

Posted 15 December 2015

So. Back at this. First things first. You can safely disregard most everything I said last post. All of that was very observation-based, and is actually incorrect in almost every way. Which might seem strange, cause most of it made sense. For clarity and completeness, though, here's a list of why everything last post was wrong:
The idea that a fold i...

Vaguely In Focus > Origami and the associated maths

Posted 09 November 2015

So this is going to be another one of those write-it-out-so-that-I-can-better-understand-it sort of things. Just a heads up. This IS a journal, after all, and functions as advertisement second.
So. Origami and mathematics. We know that the two are related because, if you fold a piece of paper the same way twice, you'll get two of the same shape,...

Vaguely In Focus > Fluid Dynamics update

Posted 29 September 2015

I'm not really going to talk about much math-y stuff this time. I've covered too much ground since my last entry ( http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png ) to be able to remember all the pitfalls I ran into. So this time I'm only really going to be talking about the general algorithm, how I deal with...