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Thekill473's Tinker Shop > #2 Lots of new things

Posted 24 June 2012

Hello Everybody.

A lot of new things have been happening this week. We would like to welcome our new member to the team RockSauron. His role will be to write the story of the game and create lore of how the world came to be. Also we got crafting finished, it's not very pretty and needs a lot of touch up and needs to be added to the editor, but at least...

Thekill473's Tinker Shop > A New Beginning

Posted 18 June 2012

Hello everybody.

This is my first Journal or blog for a matter of fact, so comment would be nice. Sorry if I annoy any grammar Hitlers but English isn't my strong subject. So anyways how about I introduce myself.

I'm a 16 year old male from Australia. And I'm currently working on a game in C# XNA called Nox Aeterna. Its been in development for...