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Dual boot, VM or two physical machines

07 March 2012 - 12:14 PM


I'm struggling to come to a decision. In the past I've had my system dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu, however I always come back to just a clean Windows installation because I get sick of rebooting my machine to switch to a Windows program or the partitions start becoming a pain. Now I want to switch back to Ubuntu, but I can't make the move 100% (because I really want to keep Visual Studio + Visual Assist and my Windows games although but I don't use the games much).

So, I have a few options;
1) Dual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu again (although this time I'd like to do it on separate drives, not partitioned, how difficult is it to set this up?)
2) Install Ubuntu and use VirtualBox to run Windows (how will VS react to this? bad idea for games I assume?)
3) I'm looking at building a dedicated server for media sharing and some other experiments anyway, should I simply use 2 different machines?

Do you guys have any suggestions that might help me choose? Another option? Had problems with one of the above I should know about?

Thanks for any advice/warnings Posted Image

P.S. I'm not set on Ubuntu either, so if you have any suggestions for another distro they're appreciated too!

[C++] Member initialization

15 December 2011 - 12:51 PM

A (hopefully) quick question;

Does this type of initialization have a name?
class MyClass

// ...
    int m_count;

    : m_count(0)    // <-- this guy right here

Are there any benefits/fallbacks to doing it this way as opposed to this;
    m_count = 0;


PS - sorry if this has been posted before, it's hard to find something when you don't know it's name! :P

Anyone use VAssistX?

25 August 2011 - 01:31 PM


I have a copy of VAssistX on my machine (with VC++ 2008). We have several projects with the same name (eg. MyGame1/Engine.sln and MyGame2/Engine.sln). It seems like whenever I switch from one of these projects to another with the same name, Visual Assist rebuilds it's database. Is there a way to stop this?

Jordan M.

Edit: To clarify, I have opened all of these projects before and allowed VAssistX to build it's database.

Dynamic array Delete function

13 August 2011 - 01:57 PM

Hey everyone.

I'm writing a dynamic array in C++ just as practise (since I've never done it before). I have written a template class that creates an array of type X and fills it one at a time until it reaches capacity and then resizes (some code below). I have an iterator class that can iterate in either direction. Pushing and popping all works beautifully for my purposes. My issue is how to handle deleting elements at a random point in the array.

I saw an article on a random website that suggested shuffling the data in the array back one (seems time consuming). Also thought that I could memcopy the data to a temp location, then memcopy it back to restore contiguity, but again I think that may be costly. Another idea I had was to keep track of the number of deletes (and store dummy data in the array) and once it had exceeded a certain threshold I would run a resize to restore the contiguity of the array... but the thought of that makes me feel dirty and that would make iterating messy.

The goal here is to have a container that I can iterate in either direction, push and pop and delete at any index at any time and still maintain contiguity in memory. I don't expect to delete all that often (most of the time I'll be using push/pop) so I think I'll end up going with the 2xmemcopy method.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading :)

Learning french

21 May 2011 - 11:28 PM

Hello all.

I just graduated from College and got my first industry job (actually, first real job at all) in Quebec City. I'm from Ontario and I speak no French (a few phrases I learned in high-school, maybe). The company itself mainly deals in English so I'm not too worried about that. The rest of Quebec though, seems a bit... unfriendly to English speaking people... Got any tips or tricks for helping to learn a language quickly? I'm not looking forward to starving to death because I can't order a pizza in French. :P

Also, anyone who lives/lived in the area.. I've heard to stay away from Laval University, is there anywhere else I should avoid?