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In Topic: Ternary Operator and Polymorphism

24 April 2013 - 07:36 PM

Thanks for your replies.


@Phil - it wasn't my actual code, I simplified, but it was the basic idea that I couldn't get to work.  The second attempt was based on something I read in another forum and didn't think would work as it was (turns out I was right).


@Alvaro - thanks for the sample code.  At first I wasn't getting it to work, then realized that I wasn't static casting to a pointer of the base class.


Sometimes one needs to really stop looking at code, then come back with a fresh mind.  Appreciate the help!  Thanks.

In Topic: C++ Entity/Component System Setup Assistance

10 April 2013 - 09:28 AM

@Kristoffer:  Thanks for the reply and further explanation.  I will look for your streaming to see if I can pick anything up

@Juliean:  I appreciate your input as well


I'm going to keep trying to work at it, or find some sort of step by step tutorial to get the first parts set up and functional.  The Interfaces to create the components and systems, using the correct smart pointers for references, etc.  I really like the idea of the design, and Kristoffer, I agree - it seems like it is really fun to work with.  Especially once you get into it and can create editors and such which just tag on components to entities.

In Topic: "Farmville"-like Game Design

26 November 2010 - 09:27 AM


Thank you for your reply. The objects do it fact have behaviour methods that I didn't go into, however I may be able to work with that concept you suggested and expand it.

For example, one method that an object could have would be a Deconstruct method, which essentially pulls the items apart. If, let's say, you had a bicycle object, you could choose to 'Deconstruct' it and create several other items instead (a seat object, 2 pedal objects, etc.). My idea was going to be to open up an inventory screen, then when you click on the individual items, depending on what methods were present for that object, a dynamic list of options would be created.

Thanks for your input, though. I'm going to work with that idea and see where it gets me. Grats!