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In Topic: Game visual style idea

10 August 2015 - 12:47 PM

Thanks Thaumaturge,


That's what I'm going for - have some clarity, yet be "painterly" enough so it's reasonably easy to prepare suitable artwork to go with it (characters) etc

In Topic: Space Retards

16 January 2013 - 04:11 AM

Hi Blueshogun,


Are you using the latest Google Chrome browser? The game launches in Safari as it's also webkit, but currently performance difference can be colossal between the two.


I tested it on a similar Macbook Pro as well as a really old iMac (can't remember the specs exactly but way lower than yours). On the old iMac it worked perfectly as long as Google Chrome was used - Safari performed really bad.


The lowest spec computer I used to run the game was and old, single core Pentium 4 PC which still hangs around in the office, with some shitty AGP graphics card (yep!;), and it was fine as long as Chrome was used.


I know there are other platforms and browsers out there, so I'll look into that in the future but currently I am focusing on the gameplay and the browser which happened to work best during my tests.


The other thing which could affect the performance would be if you had some Flash streaming in the other tab or another active tab with a js heavy site / app, as well as some heavy system process running.


And if the above is not the case, and you are indeed using new Chrome... than that gives me something to think about:)


Please let me know how you're getting on

In Topic: Space Retards

14 January 2013 - 12:50 PM

Just a quick update, a short gameplay vid:


More stuff in dev ATM and coming soon:)

In Topic: Games you're excited about

15 April 2012 - 07:34 AM

Diablo 3 FTW!

In Topic: Recommended programming subfield for job / money?

12 April 2012 - 03:48 PM

If someone offers you 200k

Just an example, I did think that no one will think about this sort of money as an entry-level salary though;)

Long-term unpaid internships "for experience" are becoming the norm

Tell me about it;) We may be looking for a few interns in the summer. I think it's a fair deal as long as there is an actual paid work opportunity for those who perform well.

Buy a lottery ticket. You have 10 times higher chances of winning.

Or, run outside in a storm. You have 100 times higher chances of being struck by lightning.

Actually, I am genuinely happy that there are so many people who think that - it makes getting my money so much easier. Thanks to this common approach, there is less ambitious people trying to 'do it their way' in an already crowded, competitive market - good for me.

Meanwhile, keep that corporate job. It won't be needed in 5 years anyway and company won't exist in 10, so save the salary and invest it, to keep your options open.

The last thing you want is to jump into business without any experience or training in it.

I agree you're gonna fail in business if you're clueless (no experience, etc.). Keeping a corporate job is a neat, cool option too. Just not the only one, and not the best one. There is no single best one - different stuff will work for different people, which is what I was trying to say

(not very well apparently)