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Gavin Williams

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In Topic: UWP Overlay support (and hacks).

07 May 2016 - 12:00 PM

How much 'till single hypervisored applications? is it a problem about performance (which should no more with current CPUs extension) or only software (eg: driver model)? Just asking... 

It's an interesting consideration. There are attempts at streamed games, so basically running thin-clients and having no access to scene data (i guess). But I've used some streaming over my own home network, playing in the living room with my laptop streaming from my desktop in the office. And to be honest, I found the experience to be unsatisfactory with hiccups occasionally. Now do that over the internet, I honestly don't see it as a solution for any hardcore gamer like myself who would immediately reject any experience that had serious lag/stutter. It's only viable to serve to kids/light gamer's who don't want to spend money on great computer setups at home.

Edit: And to tie this back to the the main-thread, streamed games offer even less opportunity for modding. And yet, I only see excitement about that technology, without any concern for the issues that UWP raises. Seeing the difference in reaction makes me feel that people will attack one technology and hypocritically praise another that has similar restrictions based more upon popular mood than real consideration of the technologies themselves. Like how Quantum Break has led to a plethora of criticisms against UWP, but mostly, the criticisms should be pointed at the game studio for not fixing the game for PC. It didn't even have a quit button in the menu !! It was basically a straight console port. And the performance issues should have nothing to do with UWP, that's the developers biting off more than they can chew.

In Topic: UWP Overlay support (and hacks).

06 May 2016 - 08:55 PM

In my experience .. this group of people .. 'legit users who need hacks for making the game playable (XBox360 Gamepad/XInput emulators, VSync fixes, framerate limiting fixes, resolution unlockers, specific-GPU bug fixes, custom antialiasing hacks, glitch fixes, Chat overlays for multiplayer games such as the one provided by Mumble and Ventrilo)'  Is a small percentage of people. I'd rather have better software security. And I'm not an advocate of 'devs might as well just give up, because hackers will bypass any measures they take.' Surely, that's only true for a diminishing percentage of hackers as stronger measure are implemented.

In Topic: Native Ubuntu apps directly on Windows 10, or just CLIs?

31 March 2016 - 04:58 AM

There is no gui support. This is purely for command line apps - vi, git, gcc, ssh etc


In Topic: Logitech mouse m90 - "Radiation"?

02 February 2016 - 11:26 AM

I really can't imagine any other legitimate use for it

Astronomers can get licences here in Australia for green lasers which are otherwise illegal in order to point to bodies in the sky for onlookers.

In Topic: Logitech mouse m90 - "Radiation"?

02 February 2016 - 08:06 AM

My voice resonates my skull, does that mean I have cancer?

You're confusing audio with radio to begin with, they're actually quite different. And resonating radio waves don't automatically give you cancer. But strong enough or targeted waves can cause immediate damage. This is not scaremongering. I think it was at a materials engineering lecture that a technician told us various stories about his own experiences with powerful radio waves. Birds nearby transmitters being immediately struck dead when they were turned on. And he himself had an artificial cornea (IIRC) because power was accidently sent through a transmitter he had been working on, and his eyes were immediately boiled.

The capacity for man made radio waves to cause damage isn't science fiction, nor is it scaremongering. It's a reality. Sure it's difficult to quantify the damage caused by low level radio devices on people. But ridiculing people who are prepared to discuss it and put forward arguments is in my opinion unfair and especially when you don't have the faintest understanding of what's being discussed.

Human history is filled with medicines and technologies that have proved to be harmful. And I guess that the people of the day always ignore the risks or even refuse to acknowledge that there are risks to begin with.