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New MORPG Project Thread. An 8-Bit MORPG Development Path. not an MMORPG yet :p

26 October 2011 - 04:13 PM

Hi all.

Been working the last couple of weeks on an MORPG with 8Bit Graphics. In no way is it easy to program heh. I am programming it in Java and plan to release the client in Android. I feel that Android will give me a better player awareness also it will allow me to make the game free with paid content using the Android Market In App Billing API. Currently I am writing the base Client software in Desktop java for quicker development.

The Client/Server structure is setup so that each Client will have their own thread.

I do not have the "Game" part of the MORPG fully mapped out. But my general desire is to make it humorous. I plan on referencing older RPGs in a joking fashion.

My current Game Design goals are:

2 zones (maps) of 64x64 size.
2 zones of 128x128 size.
Several Starting quests.

4 Classes with Genders. Class names are as follows.
  • Tank - (The damage taker and high damage dealer)
  • Caster - (Nukes, spells, and support)
  • Healer - (Player Support. healing, reviving, and curing)
  • Rascal - (Fast attacking, stealthy skills)
I plan on having Paid classes that will combine abilities of the base classes with unique abilities

The game will be in 8-bit fashion. Graphics will liken to the days of Dragon Warrior on the NES. I am currently using DW graphics as Programmer art. I will replace with my own.

The logic code is mostly done on server side. The player requests an update on the current zone, and the Server will send the zone information. (Current entity positions)
The player will send to the server where they want to go in a zone. (/mov 0 0) via mouse click on a tile. The server will attempt to find a path to that point, and increment the player movements in the Game Loop on the server. Chat is done via zone as well. It will only send the message to the players in the same zone. most of the coding i am doing right now is the network code to make sure everything is working.

I am also looking to get feedback, ideas, and criticisms. (If you criticize, please follow with ideas on making it better :rolleyes:)

Below is a screen shot of my current progress.

Thank you :)

Posted Image

Alpha Video of Project SM3, A Java Android RPG

26 June 2011 - 08:04 PM


How is everybody doing here. I have been hard at work on our current project. Been working on making a action RPG using isometric graphics. It has been a lot of fun! Right now I just have a town and the first dungeon type with only one monster. But it is getting there. :)

Below are pictures on the original game engine with some concept shots thrown in. The control graphics are just placeholders from our last game, Sigmore Mines 2 (SM2)

Even more below is a lastest Alpha version of the game. It is definitely not polished enough yet to my liking. But it is getting close. I have a basic projectile support in the game. So the fireball you see are just a projectile for now, not magic.

You can follow our game development at our website forum and our facebook page.

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Development Announcment of Android Project SM3

30 May 2011 - 12:18 PM


It has been a while since i last posted here at GameDev :D.

I have teamed up with KamilT and we are in development of a new project. Currently the project name is SM3. We are trying to create a nice little Isometric ARPG similar to Diablo 1 for Android. Development has been doing pretty well so far. Right now I am looking for feedback and maybe some interest. Below are some screenshots of the game so far.

The on screen controls are from Sigmore Mines 2 and are only for development purposes for SM3, we plan on revamping the entire control structure in the final release.

You can follow our game development at our website forum and our facebook page.

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[Request] Story/Joke Ideas on 8-bit RPG

03 March 2011 - 04:19 PM

Hi, I am thinking about making an 8-Bit RPG game. And I was thinking about making it a parody/comedy with heavy references to RPG cliches. Often making fun of them.

So, I am asking for jokes that play on older RPG Cliches. I found a nice website that lists the cliches and got some nice ideas on plenty of them. http://serpent231.tripod.com/cliche.shtml

What do you have? Got a good plot for me to make a game with? Remember, this is 8 bit. Bright Contrasty 16x16 tiles with very very limited sprite animations. Thanks :)

Handling missles in an arraylist

28 February 2011 - 05:28 PM

Well, looks like I may need some advice.

I am working on my game. I have a missle class stored in an arraylist.

private ArrayList<Bombs> bullets;

I have two threads going, my renderer thread and my game logic thread.

The renderer thread will check to see if there are any elements in the bullets list. If there is, it will draw them all sequentially.

if(bullets.isEmpty() == false){  
				ArrayList<Bombs> ms = bullets;
				for(int i=0;i<ms.size();i++){
					Bombs e = ms.get(i);
					bullet.draw(gl, e); //bullet is the image used for bullets

In my game logic thread, it will move the bullets, and check for collisions.

						if(firedPressed == true){ //Add missile if the fire button is pressed.
							bullets.add(new Bombs(attributes));
							firedPressed = false;
						if(bullets.isEmpty() == false){
							ArrayList<Bombs> ms = bullets;
							for(int i=0;i<ms.size();i++){
								Bombs e = ms.get(i);
								if(e.checkcollision(attributes) == true){

Now, sometimes I would it would crash leading back to the array. I am thinking that because the game thread and renderer and referencing the array at the same time that when the game thread remove an object from the array, and the renderer tries to access that object at the same time, the game crashes.

Am i right to assume that this is what is going on?
What can I do to prevent this?
Or maybe something else is going on?

Thanks for your guys help.