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r1ckparker's Journal > Thanatos - the Dragon - old stuff

Posted 22 April 2014

This is an old demo I put together for a Retro Remake competition, never did anything else with it.

r1ckparker's Journal > New Game - Charge!

Posted 12 April 2014

Hi everyone, even though I haven't been blogging it, I have almost completed my latest game, Charge!

You play as a sorcerer on a tower who must defeat incoming enemies by throwing spells at them. The full game will have 20+ levels, story mode, 3 difficulty levels, extra weapons and spells.

You can download the 1 level demo from Gamejolt .

r1ckparker's Journal > Games that will never receive a sequel

Posted 20 January 2013

A departure from my usual ramblings, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite games which will never receive a sequel.  Some games roll on and on, and have been with us since the dawn of gaming. And then you have the modern yearly updates which just roll on and on - Call of Duty, Need for Speed, Fifa.  And of course, there are millions of obscure g...

r1ckparker's Journal > Teaser

Posted 18 January 2013


r1ckparker's Journal > Updates to existing games

Posted 27 December 2012

As well as starting a new project, I am quite keen to keep supporting my existing games, to that end, I have updated Deepfall Dungeon with some new features -Improved graphicsMore monstersNew game mode - Game PlusVarious improvements and bug fixesI have also produced a new video which shows off the game a bit betterhttp://youtu.be/Zi0u0ZfUqP0 You can down...