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In Topic: Gaming service

18 May 2013 - 02:59 AM

So I wonder if there is anyone here who is willing to upload the games you've made​​?

Well its a empty question really (1) maybe you should start by shedding some light on how you plan to make such a service (2) how you plan for a user to view content (3) what share in the profits would you give to content creators (4) how do you plan on targeting all these platforms? especially IOS? 


You shouldnt really be posting nothing to your announsements then expect people to give you an answer if they would upload their games to your service.

I wish the best of luck to you but i dont think this broad concept will get you very far.

In Topic: [HTML5 Game] Warshoot - Funny Multiplayer FPS 2D

10 May 2013 - 01:22 PM

im stuck at the loading screen since i cant read the language i cant tell you the problem, the screen shot looks good. 

In Topic: A look inside the PlayStation Suite SDK

02 May 2012 - 03:22 PM

I am kinda shocked at the lack of PS Suite threads on GameDev.net, I would have thought this would be something the community would have jumped all over!

Because sony are a joke of a company it has taken them how long? To jump on the indie development band wagon and for what because their platforms are failing and they are getting desperate but yet they still wont open the ps3? Everything sony do is half arsed i mean look at the state of their developer site this is a company that could of had it all but they decided not to keep paying for the exclusives titles they had! They let the cunsumer down so much in so many areas that i wouldnt waste my time making a game for them.

In Topic: Most over-rated game of all time

18 April 2012 - 03:11 AM

Dead island was painful i really looked forward to that game but it disappointed me in so many ways i never bothered to compete it.

In Topic: Need to pick an engine

02 April 2012 - 04:17 AM

Iv been using torque 2d over the past few months its a 2d engine simple to use supports win/mac and itorque for ios, its script based but you get the full source code too tinker with.