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About Developer job in Germany

11 February 2015 - 05:59 AM



I was contacted by a German Gamedev company from Hamburg about a position they have. I am still going the have all the steps (technical interview, tests etc) so it's a long way until any certainty but out of curiosity I wanted to know if there are any german developers (or foreigners living in Germany) here that could help me with what kind of benefits are commonly offered by German companies and maybe what range of salary I should be expecting (for a dev with 4-5 years of relevant experience)?


I have a decent job and my own place but I´ve been actively looking for a relocation out of my home country (Brazil) since it has become chaotic and unsafe over the last years so I am willing to sacrifice some of my comfort for those. So what could you tell me about the city itself (Hamburg) and the country (Germany). The general impression I have is that it´s a very nice place, safe and with a strong economy.



Thanks in advance.

Opinion on device orientation

27 January 2015 - 05:31 AM



I am working on a game for mobile devices and I'd like to ask out for opinions on this subject:


When you run a mobile game on your device, do you prefer it to start on portrait orientation like you were using your phone in the standard way? Does forcing you to landscape cause any insatisfaction? Maybe either way is good?


Now, I ask the same question again but with an extra info: the game is based on Eye of the Beholder series. You have the dungeon view and the little characters faces.



Chesster - puzzle game looking for feedback!

15 September 2013 - 08:04 PM



I´d like to invite anyone interested in puzzle games to test our game: Chesster.


It is a matching game based on chess pieces and their movements. There are 8 levels that you unlock one after each other and 64 quick puzzles. The idea is to get on Steam Greenlight so any feedback is welcome in order to improve our chances.


Our indiedb page:



Game Download




Massive memory leak

16 May 2013 - 04:54 AM

I am working on a project for a long time now and wasn't paying much attention to memory issues since they didn't cause any problems so far but I believe they will at some point. There are some actions to be taken like providing smaller assets to players that don't use/have full HD compatible displays and optimize some assets, yet I would like to know how do you guys (or girls why not!) deal with memory leaks. Is there something particularly important that I should look for when tracking the leaks? Are the leaks necessarily linked to "new" usage or should I look somewhere else too? Should a massive memory leak always be obvious to detect?


Also there is a second point, more specific for SFML users: I am using a resource manager class that loads all assets and provide them the other classes as needed or at the game boot. The resource manager holds sf::Image's and the classes that need to drawn something holds sf::Sprite's. Now, if I have two,three,four...a thousand similar instances of this class, will the resource manager still take just the memory needed for one sf::Image used by the consumer class or each instance will take more and more memory? Does this make sense at all?


Thanks in advance.

Memory consumption (SFML)

04 October 2012 - 06:36 AM

Hi, there.

I am unable to reach SFML site for some reason I don't know so I'll ask it here, I know there are some SFML pros here too!

I am facing a memory issue here. My project is not that complex logic-wise, but it uses full HD image files (1920x1080 px) that are resized to the player's desktop resolution during runtime. It's taking around 450MB of RAM which I think is unacceptable (or I am wrong here?).

Recompiling and running the game with all my Resource Manager class constructor code commented drops the consumption to around 80 MB (because there are still some other classes that "ask" for resources from the resource manager without it being on his constructor). This value does not increase over time.

One thing I think it could help is that I use separated PNG files for each frame of every animation in the game. Is this an issue? If I change it for a single sprite sheet with all frames, will it save me considerable memory even with the size of the file obviously increased? I am asking this because I have a lot of animations so it's the strongest cause in my opinion and I would like some opinions before I start the tedious work (joining the frames of every animation).