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Zach's Development Journal > Improved Visuals, Physics, and Camera [Screenshot Heavy]

Posted 23 August 2012

I've made a lot of progress since my last post, mainly in the renderer. I added High Dynamic Range Lighting, Cascade Shadow Mapping, FXAA, and the Cook-Torrance BRDF with roughness maps. The previous screenshots were an eye-sore, so it's a relief to have something that looks a little more modern. I'm still dinking around with the hacked-up level...

Zach's Development Journal > [DX11] Please Test My First Demo!

Posted 21 July 2012

I put together a simple demo. Pardon the nasty textures and the level made from scaled cubes, it does not represent the final planned look of the game at all. A friend of mine is working on a tank model, but for now the cube and cylinder placeholders are what I've got.

I've been focusing a lot on trying to get the tank movement to work decently...

Zach's Development Journal > Tank Physics and Other Progress

Posted 04 July 2012

So a lot of life-related stuff happened this Spring--most of it good, but all of it quite mentally taxing. Incidentally, I got sidetracked and took a break from working on my new project. Recently, however, my interest in it is back with a vengence. The truth is I can't stay away from game development for long, it's my life addiction, for better or...

Zach's Development Journal > C++ Port of Artemis Entity Component System Framework (In Progress)

Posted 18 January 2012

This month is officially "wrap my head around Entity/Component Systems" month. I stepped away from coding for a bit and spent time researching different designs for handling game objects. Most interestingly, my search brought me to the Artemis Entity System Framework. Written in Java, the system is the best overall design I have seen so far...

Zach's Development Journal > Some Thoughts on Software Design

Posted 10 January 2012

Software Engineering as I understand it involves the concept of software design. Anyone can program, and I would even venture to say that programming is the easy part. Good software design is where things get hairy. I consider myself a seasoned programmer, but a somewhat fledgling Software Engineer--a state that I think is fairly commonplace among academic...