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#4784245 Anybody got some ideas on how to do this?

Posted by on 10 March 2011 - 10:22 PM

Actually the game is focused on one planet, and space to surface gameplay is only required for two planets. It is also a first person shooter, but the player has the ability to drive vehicles and space ships. The player would also not be able to leave a set distance from the planet. Also the player would be engaged in battle most of the time, so they would't really be roaming around board out of their mind. The only reasons for "other planets" looking realistic is because the main planet has two moons and something happens during the game where another planet teleports within orbital distance from the planet. ( I am very aware od the distance between planets in a solar system ).The game is also mission/ level based. Anyways, thanks for the information on Frontier Elite 2. I'm also glad to hear that, that wouldn't be very hard to do. Thanks. By the way "I hate declaring variables was just a little joke. My hands are now tired from typing on this iPhone!

#4784198 Anybody got some ideas on how to do this?

Posted by on 10 March 2011 - 06:31 PM

Hello Everybody,
Our team is working on ( well not yet, we are still trying to build up our team and create a GDD ) a video game called Planet X. I'm not that much of a C++ programmer, but I specialize in most of the other fields. We decided to develop our own game engine. No need to tell me about all the work and stuff that goes into a game engine, and that we must first get the skd's to publish on consoles and all that stuff. Okay, for the engine we will implement a feature where the player could enter a planet's atmosphere ( from space ) and land on the planet in a realistic manner, without using pretty all of your computer's resources. Also we would like to have the ability to edit the planet's terrain features in the editor ( the engine's editor ). In order to simulate the scene realistically, we also would have to render the stars, clouds, sun, nearby planets, and space stations all at the same time without making the models look like they are made from one polygon with one shader! The game engine will be coded in C++ and using Direct 3D software development kit ( DirectX 11 ), Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, and would use the Havok physics engine for well, physics. Any help, assistance, advice ( again not, "that is too much you need to stop dreaming, that would take too long to create", and replies like that ), or help with finding a way to do this would be great. Posted Image

I hate declaring variables!Posted Image

#4770269 How to go about this.

Posted by on 05 February 2011 - 10:09 PM

Thanks man.

#4770205 How to go about this.

Posted by on 05 February 2011 - 06:23 PM

I've been recently researching, coding, and thinking and figured it would save a lot of time just using an existing 3D engine ( by the way I had considered this before ). The main reasons I was going to create my own engine ( X7 engine ) is so that I could liscence it to other companies and it would have necessary features for our game. The engine will have some modifications that would make it exclusive for our game. The engine that I had in mind was the Unreal Engine, which is very impressive ,but the liscence would cost a fortune. What are your thoughts on this? Should we continue and create our own engine or give in and us the Unreal Engine? Vote above and post why. Thanks.