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Dan Mayor

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About Me

<p><p>Hey everyone,
   My name is Dan Mayor, I am a professional Freelance programmer who has worked with numerous companies both small and large.  Some of my more recent works have even been used by large organizations such as Adobe Systems, GameFlyNews and even NASA.  I hold numerous certifications in many programming languages and other various computer related technologies.  I am a for profit individual, I am a hard worker and dedicated to my field, or more directly I am one of the few, the proud, the SERIOUS.  As many of the long time members of GameDev know and will tell you our community has been swamped with the fly by night types that are not committed or talented enough to get your project off the ground.  That buck stops here!

    I apologize to the readers that take offense to the statements I make on this page but on the same note my words are meant to filter out those who do not have the drive and dedication to complete a project.  I am currently looking to network with other serious game developers, I am available for work on FOR PROFIT titles only.  Please do not contact me if your title does not have the goal of being sold and making money.  I am most interested in freelancing with small to medium sized indie teams however under the right circumstances I may also join profit sharing ventures.  As mentioned about filtering out those who are not dedicated and serious I will more then likely ignore any requests that do not contain direct information about the project and the tasks that I am being contacted for.

    With all of that said I would like to let you know a bit more about what I am offering and what I can do for you.  I am offering my services as a programmer and in some cases a writer / designer.  I am fluent (and certified) in numerous programming languages, technologies and gaming engines as listed below.  To those teams who wish to pay me directly for my work (not profit sharing) I have very few limitations.  I am a professional and I do whatever it takes to get the job done.  That is to say theres a reason you pay me, and that is to get you the results you want.  If your team is in need of a serious and capable programmer to complete portions, features or even the entire code base for your project I am your man.

    To those even smaller indie teams and those persons who are currently engaged in profit sharing projects I am very picky.  I personally have seen hundreds of project fail over the years, I am quick to see some of the causes and I don't just jump in blindly.  I require that every member of the team be able to prove their worth if you will.  I will need to see prior examples of work created by each member of the team as well as seeing a COMPLETE design document before I will even begin to entertain any such requests.  Again I apologize if this comes off as rude but in all honesty I have what it takes to make a complete game I require that my team does as well.

    UDK / Unreal Script projects.  Be prepared to pay in advance, I will not accept profit sharing for these projects.  It's sad to say but I have seen every single indie team that tries a UDK project fail miserably.  Again my time is valuable and my work is professional, it is both a shame and a waste for me to design systems and features that never get used.  If you are serious about your project and you believe it is going to succeed there should be no problem paying me for my work.

    Now onto some more important facts.  Below are lists of some technologies, programming languages and engines that I am fluent in.  As mentioned above I also hold certifications for many of these.  I can furnish the certifications upon request (all together I hold 14).  I can provide customer testimonials and example works in many of these as well.  I also hold over 11 international customer service awards, I have never had a customer and or a project that I have scored less then a perfect 10 on.

Programming Languages Known:
  • C / C++
  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • PHP (MySQL)
  • JavaScript
Game Engine's Known:
  • Ogre3D
  • Axxiom
  • Flat Red Ball
  • TorqueX
  • Unreal (UDK)
Other Various Features / Technologies:
  • DirectX 9 & 10
  • OpenGL
  • XNA
  • Ajax
  • JQuery

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