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imoogiBG's Journal > A WIP editor for my Engine - SGE

Posted 30 March 2016

Currently as a side project I'm writing a small rendering engine . - The engine(named SGE ) has two underlying implementations: Direct3D11 and OpenGL (currently 'a state of art' but in my mind targeting GLES3 ).
- In addition I have wrote a minimal shading language that I call "XShader " that can be translated to both HLSL and GLSL . The project i...

imoogiBG's Journal > Common Shading Language

Posted 21 June 2015

The saga started here : http://www.gamedev.net/topic/668484-hlsl-and-glsl-wraping-again/#entry5234746

Basically I want a clean way to be able to use one shader program with multiple rendering APIs. As described in the linked topic above, my current solution to this problem is to match and modify specific tokens in my intermediate "language" in order to...