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In Topic: Stackoverflow And Money

Today, 02:07 AM



It's right in your public user profile. I literally just clicked on your username.

No... moderators see fields that users have set as private. Try logging out and clicking that link again.



Oops.  Sorry.  I thought that was a public field.  Either way, removed as soon as it was requested, and sorry again.


@frob it was public, you did nothing wrong.

PS : BG = Country Code of Bulgaria

Yeah, I can live with that :)

In Topic: Stackoverflow And Money

Yesterday, 03:00 PM

@Josh Petrie I've imagine that on west the average web developer earns ~average game programmer salary.
@frob yeah, I was just curious about the average salary in the western countries.

@frob how did you found out my name :D, I really would love to hide that information. (really can't find it anywhere on GDNet)

@frob EDIT Just found it, could you edit you replay in order to keep my identity a bit less of a public information (not that it really matters, but just in case).

In Topic: 3D Car Models

Yesterday, 05:41 AM

I've always wondered about those kind real world car models. You should be permitted by the company that holds that car to sell those models? Additionally when you use them, again you should have permission, as far as I know.

In Topic: Zi

Yesterday, 05:04 AM

Looks pretty cool! Good Luck!

In Topic: How Do You Protect Your Eyes?

26 July 2016 - 01:31 AM

24/30 FPS

24/30 FPS sounds enough for programming and reading.