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In Topic: Easy way to get static AABB for animated model

Today, 06:44 AM

if you have a simple collision mesh for your model,

yeah but often that collision mesh is thinner compared to the actual model.

In Topic: Preventing overengeneering

Today, 02:28 AM

Thank you all for the suggestions everyone! (every opinion is still welcome)

All of you basically ask me the question that I'm asking myself: "What is your game!?" 

To be honest there is no game, I have a few ideas that fly in my head for a game, but I don't feel that any if them is the way to go for some reason(mostly because they are a rip-off of other games with(which should be OK now that I think about it, but still...)).

Probably the technologies I'm using(as said above I'm writing a general "purpose engine" in C++) are slowing me down, because there is actually no excuse why I haven't developed a prototype for any of these games.

The reason for that I think is that I really prefer to write everything myself, I know it is a stupid idea(and again at work I really don't mind using libs), as every person I like to be familiar with every line of code in my project. The good thing about writing everything yourself is the ability to "change and twist" the library. For example I cannot imagine replacing my d3d/gl wrapper with BGFX. I really do not like it, mine is theoretically better, just not as mature as BGFX...

But as asked above why supporting both d3d/gl?

Again as someone said above "just satisfying the lust of coding"... The idea is to be able to support as many platforms as I can, so I've started writing OpenGL for Linux, I was tempted to support Linux because ... hmm the reasons now sound a bit stupid but here there are:

- Eventually I want to be able to use all the valgrind and memory sanitizes (and i really doubt how often I will benefit form these, and if is going to be beneficial)

- It is a way be prepared one day for other platforms like MacOS, iOS, Andorid or even the big guys Xbox and PS, nintendos and ect - I always new that preparing for Xbox and PS4 is a stupid idea - (I actually never had any of these systems)
- for some reason I fell comfortable when my code compiles under gcc and clang

- a friend encouraged me to do so (lame...)


But for some reason being able to compile under Linux make me feel good, it is no longer an issue (except that I have to maintain the OpenGL port(and i really hate OpenGL).


Maybe I should swallow my pride and learn a new tool that will help me prototype those few games that I have in mind. I really know that this is the right thing to do, but as a programmer I want to write these myself...


I have to reevaluate my priorities, unfortunately I'm biased to write everything(ok not everything but...) myself in C++.
Knowing all that I feel pretty stupid.





In Topic: Easy way to get static AABB for animated model

Yesterday, 04:09 PM

one lazy thing is to create a "worst case AABB" in the scene and use that. Otherwise I think that performing the skinning is the only solution that assimg offers(correct me if I'm wrong).

Usually the lazy solution is good enough.

In Topic: Who here has a game idea collection?

19 August 2016 - 03:09 PM

Those you tell you that ideas are worthless probably have bad(or none) ideas themselves.
My 5 cents on the topic.

Otherwise I've got 3-4 ideas for a copy games with some sort of a twist. I just keep them in my head(knowing that, my job has nothing to do with game design).

In Topic: Would You Like Fires With That? (Business Logic)

16 August 2016 - 09:27 AM

Would you like fries with that?

This should be illegal IMHO.