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Two-Parter: Placeholders and Artists

13 April 2012 - 07:39 AM

I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this, but it seemed appropriate.

My question has two parts:

1) Can any image be used as a placeholder? I am developing a card game and would eventually like to put it on Kickstarter, but neither I nor my coworker are artists. I understand that I can use traditional placeholders (or just black images), but I was wondering what the hard and fast rule is for a placeholder image. What constitutes a placeholder? Can I use any image for demoing and prototyping as long as I (obviously) don't use it for production or profit? Or do I have to stick with generic images?

2) When we actually start looking for artists to illustrate equipment, lanscapes, creatures, etc, how should we go about it? I had originally intended to run a contest on DeviantArt and see what kind of talent surfaces, but I don't know what artists are generally attracted to, much less where to go to find them. Where are some good places to start looking? What are some good ways to attract artists? What is the likely going rate for 2-3 square inches of art? Additionally, when should we practically concern ourselves with looking for actual art?

I know that there's a lot of questions here, but I've picked up a few of them while I've been trolling the internet for answers. If anyone can link me to acceptable answers or answer any of these questions themselves, I'd be very appreciative.

Also, let me know if I can clarify any of these questions.

Creating retractable wings in 3DS Max

25 January 2011 - 06:19 AM

Just wanted to know if anyone that has experience using Autodesk 3DS Max could give me a few pointers on how to make a wing that either deforms, slides, or retracts - like the A-wing of an F-16, for example, or the retractable wing-flaps on one of the NX-01's shuttles (from Star Trek: Enterprise). I have been unable to locate a tutorial on the fundaments and wouldn't exactly know what I was looking for.

Thanks in advance to anyone helpful!

Poly Count for Space Models

22 January 2011 - 09:39 AM

I'm working on models for a space-based MMO. I've been putting a lot of effort into a fighter model in 3DS Max, but as I keep an eye on the polygon count, I'm starting to grow worried. I don't know what a good poly count is for a large-scale game. I understand that it really matters a lot what kind of engine you're using, but I still want to find a reasonable size to keep this object.

I say all of this because I would imagine up to a couple dozen of these little buggers being on screen (in, say, a hectic dogfight), not to mention whatever frigates, cruisers, battleships, carriers, and capital ships are engaged in the fray. On a side note, I actually expect to have only slightly more poly count with the bigger ships, since the polygons will be much larger in scale and be more spread out, so it is probably the "high" detail fighters that I'm designing that might really clog up a system (because, as noted, there will be plenty of them flying around).

I don't know if there are methods to "blur" or limit detail at a certain range from the camera, or to allow smooth rendering for such things as they move into and out of range. I'm really just needing a good idea of when to draw the line, because - unless I'm mistaken - the more polygons on a model, the more of a drain, yes?

Below is a snapshot of the model I'm working on, without NURMS, and I don't believe I put TurboSmoothing on it, either. I've included a few edge loops around the cockpit and the rear engines so far.

Posted Image

Any help, encouragement, or direction would be appreciated.

<Edit> Forgot to mention it, but this current model is at 1,365 polygons.