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Who cut the core clock of GPU when my video game window is minimum? the runtime or driver

24 October 2013 - 08:23 PM

 I found a strange phenomenon of my GPU, follow list are what i do:


1. open my video game window normally

2. look at the core clock and load of my gpu with GPU-Z, it's 810MHz and 60% load, nothing unnormal

3. minimize the video game window for a long times(>0.5 hour)

4. look at  the core clock and load of my gpu with GPU-Z, it's 60MHz and 100% load, it's uncommon

5. restore my video game window, because of the unusual state of gpu, my fps is so low, about 2 to 5

6. the gpu can't restore normal state until i close the game window and run again


my machine:

OS: windows XP sp3

CPU: intel i5

GPU: Nivida GT630

GPU Driver: 301.68

DXSDK version: August 2008


i don't know why? who reduce the core clock of my gpu, the driver or d3d runtime? any idea about this? thanks!

sorry for my poor english sad.png