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In Topic: 3D modeling from single photograph

10 September 2013 - 04:23 AM

Post #4 was an example of irony.

That wasn't irony. Perhaps you were thinking of sarcasm?


Oh, frell, forgot the main point. That does look really cool, and would certainly be a hell of a lot easier for more complex objects than sitting down to model them in SketchUp. Not to mention looks far better than someone with no modelling experience can do..


Although, I kind of started wondering how this could apply to objects that aren't so simply described with elementary shapes - i.e. a modern car or a boat, where the curves are usually designed by various bezier surfaces.

In Topic: Would a trade system work?

03 September 2013 - 06:26 AM

Let the people choose the "currency" such as the wastelanders in Fallout used caps as a store of value.


This actually reminds me of what happened in Guild Wars. Guild Wars had gold (only, no silver/copper), and you were limited to carrying 100k gold on any one character (bank stored way more I think).


The thing is, some items that were being traded started becoming more valuable than the 100k gold limit on a character. Since no one wants to do a trade in multiple parts, because of how insecure that is, people started using a very rare crafting item that was dropped in a specific area as currency replacement - the item was Glob of Ectoplasm.


Globs had variable price, even at NPC traders (the prices varied there based on supply/demand), but even so, people took to using them as substitute for large transactions of currency, since the supply of ectoplasm was always strictly limited (it was hard to farm), and also since it was a consumable, valuable item - so that the market wouldn't be overrun with it as a supply.


I'm pretty sure that mmo economics is a field of its own, since it can become incredibly complex.. but having a rare, limited in supply item could just lead to people using it as currency naturally (kind of what happened with gold in real life I suppose)

In Topic: Would a trade system work?

29 August 2013 - 09:47 AM

Didn't see it mentioned, but Path of Exile has a no gold trade system, and is an mmo (with instanced combat areas, but still an mmo).

The way it works there (from the stuff I've seen), is that when you 'sell' items to a trader you get scroll and/or stone fragments. Enough of these (10 i think) automatically make a stone or scroll. The stones/scrolls are also used to 'buy' items. Trading between players is also possible and it just comes down to bargaining.


The key why that works though, I think, is that the stones/scrolls are one time use items that are quite commonly used in game (such as identifying items, or augmenting items) - and thus gives them value without flooding the market with them.

In Topic: Non-combat space exploration idea, feedback welcomed

22 August 2013 - 09:47 AM

I'm curious whether you feel it is useful to have loss conditions at all in a non-combat exploration game with no external risks?


Well, among one of the many games that inspired me is a game called Motherload, a flash based 2d grid-digger game. It was fairly popular, and there's even a greenlight version being made. The game had you digging for different minerals, then coming back to the top to sell them. It had cargo size limits, as well as limited fuel - and essentially had you die when you ran out of fuel. Despite that, it was still interesting, and kind of addictive to push yourself to go digging deeper for better materials. It's one of the feelings I was hoping to re-create (only in space). 


The idea of just getting a high score as an ultimate goal doesn't have much of an appeal to me, and neither does time-limited exploration. I have some vague ideas about other possible end-game goals - possibly involving unique missions and solving some mystery - but I'm holding off on that until I get the basic gameplay settled.

In Topic: Non-combat space exploration idea, feedback welcomed

22 August 2013 - 08:50 AM

Between two different types of fuel, and the need to balance available rations vs cargo space, there seems to be a lot of ways for a player to lose the game just by mismanaging basic resources.


Hm, perhaps. Fuel can just be simplified to one type - Deuterium, and not worry about free-flight, giving a sci-fi explanation that it uses the Fusion reactors and some insignificant (read: not having a gameplay effect) amounts of Deuterium.


As for Rations and Cargo space - rations don't have to take up huge amounts of space, the numbers can be adjusted so that for a decent sized journey of say, an in-game week, the rations necessary, even with max crew, would take up 1% of your cargo. There's a lot of factors involved, but what I mean is that rations don't have to eat up a lot of space.


I'm all for simplifying things, in fact the fuel simplification doesn't sound bad at all - but I'm also ok with making the player lose the game because of resource mismanagement (to some degree). There's no combat, no real outside threats to your ship at all, so I was initially struggling of ways to introduce difficulty.