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In Topic: What can we do to help remove the industry misconception?

Today, 11:58 AM

I debated for awhile posting my opinion after seeing some annoying backlash - but figured now is better than ever I guess.


There are many posts here which provide a very nice example of the issues I have to deal with most days at school. For example, just two weeks ago we had a project due in this Distributed Computing course I was taking. Due to some health problems the original professor was unable to finish the semester. The following week a different, yet equally versed on the topic, professor came in. Since the original professor was both late as a new hire, and left, the new professor gave us a choice between the original "hard" project, and one which was "easier".


For some background - since day one of college I thought that I would fall behind in school compared to the male students. I didn't get to program since the time the universe began and I really thought myself much less skilled than my peers. I didn't know the tips and tricks, I knew the basics which only could go so far. I took it upon myself to start learning on my own to get ahead (and later realized I wasn't behind at all, but actually very far ahead) and I was able to use my knowledge on the original project. I turned the project in, received a 100 where the average was an 82, and the teacher thought it was well done so he wanted to demonstrate it. For once I wish that if I did well on a solo project my classmates would give me a pat on the back and say "Hey that was really neat! Would you mind explaining how you made that?".


Instead I was met with accusations that I had slept with the professor in order to achieve my grade - when if I had done worse or average nothing would have been said. I guess I could have just gone to the professor which starts a whole "denying" chain on a fictitious event while makes me look like... well.. someone that does sexual favors for grades. Why would I want to put myself through that?


I worked hard on my project - putting in much more effort than my peers, and I was rewarded. To be told that I just had the professor write the code for me and sleeping with him for the grade.. it honestly really hurt.


In this instance the only two options I have are deal with it and hope it gets better, or change majors. Changing majors seems silly because I honestly love programming and computers. So dealing with it currently seems to be the best option as I believe that after school it will not be this way. Sure some companies will always discriminate against groups or individuals, but that just comes down to me doing research on companies before applying.


However I still must deal with: 

  • No one wants to group with me because I am seen as lazy and will not do any work.
  • As above, even if I do work, it is seen as always broken or not working.
  • I am seen as less intelligent than my peers, even when I demonstrate otherwise.
  • I am just a kiss up trying my hardest to flirt my way to an A pretending to care, when I honestly care and love programming.
  • My opinion doesn't matter because of biological differences.

It is immensely frustrating seeing people here post some of the most absurd opinions when they have honestly no idea what it is like. Sure you can tell me to man up, that I am just being a cry baby or whatever, but these are real issues that I have to deal with on a day to day basis. Or somehow I brought this upon myself when I honestly didn't. Telling me I am just a child/baby, or looking for attention/sympathy, is honestly insulting because I honestly just want to be treated the same by my fellow male students. 


I guess I somehow brought this upon myself - maybe I sneezed when I was 3 which caused a chain reaction in the space time continuum. Or I just found the single thing I want to do with my life, something I am honestly passionate about, and decided to pursue it when I had the opportunity. That thing just happens to not be "girly" enough, so I guess what I really need to do is become passionate about something girly that will make me money. I like to spice it up though and make the area around my computer girly, with my backlit keyboard coloring the letters pink to program on. It makes me happy smile.png


Now granted I am a single individual, however, my friends at other schools have had very similar experiences which resulted in them changing majors. I do not believe my experience is "one in a million" but rather something very ordinary that is largely covered up.

In Topic: Download a file from an FTP server

10 October 2014 - 07:12 PM

Are you sure whatever you are connecting to is running an FTP server on port 5553? Most of the FTP servers I have seen use the default port of 21, though this doesn't mean every FTP server will use that port. For a quick check perhaps download a simple FTP program such as filezilla and make sure you can connect using that? 

In Topic: "Google Safe Browsing recently detected malware on www.gamedev.net"

23 September 2014 - 10:02 AM

If you just got the warning relatively recently you may want to do a scan. I was constantly getting a DNS changer trojan. I assumed that since it appeared no one else had any issues it was just a chance thing between myself and another user. Since no one had replied to the thread I assumed it was deemed a non-issue so I didn't bother following up on it unsure.png


Though it may have just been that when the thread was first made it wasn't throughout the website as much and was much more limited, so that may have been why not many people had something similar. 


On my end it is indeed fixed. The thread I am referencing above can be found here: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/659734-mse-warns-about-linked-site/

In Topic: MSE warns about linked site

15 August 2014 - 12:20 PM

I too am getting this problems and it seems to be trying to access a site named ploskinis.com, which is the same ip as listed above. It appears to inject a javascript url to that domain but I see it only in the specific instance noted below.


For me it is only triggered when I search for a forum post and click from there. For example:


I clicked this article from the front page:



No warning. After searching the article through the google search in the top right I am taken to the exact same link but javascript has been inserted into the web page. Reloading the searched link will always trigger it. However, reloading the link not searched appears to never trigger it. 


Here is the link from the front page, no search:



Here is the link from the search, with javascript inserted:



Probably worth noting, I ONLY saw the warning when I viewed the post in the exact same tab that I was searching in. If I copy and paste the URL to a new tab the javascript I noted above is indeed absent. I see it only when using the search function and date doesn't matter. I tried this one from 2014, and tried another article from 1999. 


Sorry for the large links, I thought there was a way to shorten them but I must have forgotten. I hope that helps! biggrin.png



After testing the same idea of it being linked to the search I tried every article on the front page with the same results. I even tried it with this post and I can indeed confirm for me the insertion only occurs when using the search.

In Topic: Everyone Wins?

25 July 2014 - 10:49 AM

I would have to agree for the most part - though a small minority of kids are smart enough to know when to call it quits. I think they should be encouraged to try many different activities until they find something that they are very passionate about. Parents can only do so much though and I feel like society is growing accustomed to 'achievements' not taking nearly any effort. From a game perspective I feel this applies more to multiplayer games rather than single player.


For example, as an avid World of Warcraft player Blizzard has made some questionable decisions in the games design within the last few years. Before in order to get the most powerful items in the game you had to devote some time to not only making friends, but working together as a team to defeat bosses. As I am sure you can imagine this would have required many hours a week in order to achieve. As time went on they decided the best option for their game was an experience where everyone was able to get the items while seeing the content the game had to offer. Gone was the sense of achievement with getting a cool new piece of gear for your character because a majority of the player base now an easy access to gear. It is so bad that you can just show up and stand there, do nothing, and still have the same chance of getting cool items as someone who actually contributes.


Part of the reasoning was that they wanted players to experience content they would normally be unable to experience - which is something I agree with. Creating content less than 10% of players will see is wasted effort. I disagree everyone should be getting roughly the same quality items. Now that Blizzard has decided to say "if you want such item you must put the effort in" by removing the easy access to purple fuzzy feeling inducing items, many players have became upset. The entire thing solely revolves more around getting a piece of loot with a color than what the content actually is.. The participation ribbon in this case should just be able to see the content, while a trophy from putting in some work is a shiny piece of armor to wear around. Maybe the average player base age shifted to a younger audience, or the rise in instant gratification phone games contributed to this thinking - I'm not sure. 


Just my thoughts... rolleyes.gif