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#5134342 How to get good fast?

Posted by Aiive on 25 February 2014 - 12:04 AM

Much like any other skill it takes time, dedication, and experience. Think of it as learning to draw. To become a decent artist you must draw - alot. Programming is the same way in the sense there are no shortcuts.

Make programming something you do daily. Pretty soon it will become a habit and you will see results. When I was first starting I tried to sit down and program for at least thirty minutes a day. At the time I felt rather silly. Years later though I am actually amazed at how far I have come. The skill level difference I have when compared to my fellow students is something I am proud of. It brings a warm fuzzy feeling when I am given an assignment or asked a question and I already have an answer in my head.

Also here at Gamedev there are vast amounts of resources available. More often than not if there is something you are stuck on someone else had the same/similar problem. There are many great articles on various topics as well spanning well over a decade. Just the other day I found myself reading an article from 1999 on DirectX isometric rendering. While a bit dated, the concepts haven't changed much and I was able to use the ideas for my own project.

Hope that helps and good luck on your endeavour! :)

#5043963 VC++ 2010 crashes on ShowWindow(..)

Posted by Aiive on 17 March 2013 - 08:55 AM

While I do not know the default value for nCmdShow try displaying your window using SW_SHOW (Also seen here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms633548(v=vs.85).aspx).

If nCmdShow is uninitialized, which it could or could not be honestly I have never checked, you would get an error with your program. If that doesn't help - sorry :P

#5036378 What GUI Toolkit Would Be Best For My Game Editor?

Posted by Aiive on 25 February 2013 - 11:35 AM

MrJoshL, on 24 Feb 2013 - 08:57, said:
@Amr0     Something tells me that that is not a screenshot of your editor...
It is. It's not my engine though if that's what you mean...


Sorry for the broken quote but the reason for the down votes, and going out on a limb here, is the fact the top of the window it says very clearly L. Spiro Engine Editor. Many of the users of this site know L. Spiro has made many posts related to his engine in development. It came across at first that you were stating the everything in the image was made entirely by yourself. The title of the window sorta comes across as being the complete opposite.


While you state the engine is not yours we as forum readers are not aware if you and L. Spiro are working together/sharing builds of the engine. As far as I was aware his engine has not been released for the general public to use. I hope this offers a little bit of understanding why you were down voted.


Sorry for the post not being on topic I just figured no one was going to answer why they down voted him. smile.png

#5017787 Making Diablo 2 style rpg

Posted by Aiive on 05 January 2013 - 10:42 AM



Yes it is entirely possible to make on something like it on a smaller scale. Like other projects it really just comes down to how dedicated you are to achieving your goals. 


I took a course last semester which was aimed at teaching students new to programming how to program via games using C# and XNA. There was some pretty awesome projects coming from students I know only had a previous semester of programming. From your post you said you had studied CS before so I am making an assumption you know at least the basics of programming.


Most programming languages are very similar so switching between them is actually quite easy. If, for instance, you already know Java you can pick up C# in a few days more or less. I know students who were able to pick up the differences in a week without much practice outside the classroom. 


For a base to build your game off of I would do something of the following:

  1. Make a grid of 2D tiles which are (for example) 64x32 pixels. This makes the tile twice as wide as it is tall. See: http://flarerpg.org/tutorials/isometric_tiles/
  2. Once you have a grid add in a simple character sprite.
  3. With the character sprite get him to walk around the grid of 2D tiles using the mouse

Once you have that done I think you would have a really good idea on how to continue with the game from there perhaps by adding in sprite sheets for animation tiles/characters. smile.png

I suggest taking a look at http://flarerpg.org/ since it is one of the best open source 2D games similar to Diablo I know of. It should be informative to see how they handled their artwork for the characters/animations.


If my post didn't answer any of your questions or you need more information I apologize and can reply as necessary.


Good Luck! happy.png

#4966742 Loading Dlls as mods (Similar to idtech and source)

Posted by Aiive on 06 August 2012 - 12:22 PM

In my opinion it depends on the type of changes you are planning to allow the end user to make.

For example, instead of having all the particles float up, I write a mod which makes them float down.

You make an interface to the particle system which has a virtual function called OnUpdate(). I write my DLL using your interface and change the OnUpdate to my own custom particle update.

When starting the editor it reads the file names of a specific directory, loads my mod using LoadLibrary, and gets a pointer to the virtual function OnUpdate. When the particle update loop comes around if you have a valid pointer to an external OnUpdate method you use that one. If not, you simply update particles as normal.

This way the original compilation is already configured to accept mods and no changes to the original source are needed.

Of course it would need to be refined to a system that works to your needs, but you have to decide what exactly you want the end user to be able to change. If you wanted them to be able to add their own networking code the above would work. The user would just give the plugin to their friends/users along with the game.

However if you are looking for a more 100% ability to change anything I think a scripting language would work best.