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Journal Entries

N.O.W. > Game State

Posted 03 December 2011

Well the good news is that I was given a reprieve on the 3 month overtime death march for two weeks. Unfortunately for my kick ass progress it looks like we will be starting it up harder and longer within the week. I was able to get some decent work done to my art assets. I have been looking into picking up the...

N.O.W. > overtime and an SDL joystick / gamepad

Posted 02 September 2011

So for a few weeks I have been working on coloring the art for the over world map from the sketches I received from my artist. Apparently my skills with photoshop could use some serious improvement! I have put in about 20 hours so far and I think I still have at least that many to go. I am getting the effect I was looking for so I am pretty happy....

N.O.W. > Introduction

Posted 12 August 2011

I suppose I will start this off with a bit of information about myself and my current project. I have been programming in some form or another for over 15 years. Either professionally or as a hobby. I have always been working on some sort of game, I suspect as most hobbyists, never completing all of my projects. While working on my AS degree for electrical...