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Casey Hardman

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Soulwielder Dev Journal (Week of Awesome III) > Postmortem of Soulwielder – Part 2 (Development)

Posted 20 August 2015

This is part 2 of the postmortem for the Week of Awesome game I made called Soulwielder.
This is about the development of the game; the first part was about the design of the game.

There were several things that daunted the creation of Soulwielder, notably the difficulty I had with making art, the level-creating tool I made, and the physics/collisions sy...

Soulwielder Dev Journal (Week of Awesome III) > Postmortem for Soulwielder – Part 1 (Design)

Posted 17 August 2015

Soulwielder made it to the deadline, despite some of my serious doubts during the hectic week of developing it.

If you want to download it, the zip is attached to this post .

This is the first time I've ever written a postmortem, and I'm not really sure how they're supposed to go, but I'm going to approach this by talking about the game first – how it e...

Soulwielder Dev Journal (Week of Awesome III) > Progress

Posted 15 August 2015

This is the first post about progress besides the design and planning post; I'd hoped to post more, but I've been putting a lot of time into making the game, so the posting has sort of slipped through the cracks.

The art is coming together.
I decided to use the DB32 color palette for all of the art after finding out about it from the environmental art m...

Soulwielder Dev Journal (Week of Awesome III) > Planning and Design

Posted 11 August 2015

For the first day, I've been designing the game I'll be making and planning out its technical side and the required assets (which I used www.mindmup.com for, a free mind map creator).

The theme is "death is useful".

I don't want to make one of those puzzle platformers where you have to use your dead body to hold down switches or let you step on it to av...