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Casey Hardman

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In Topic: c# loop

05 April 2014 - 03:56 AM

I agree with jHaskell and menyo, but I want to stress that we're not saying "get out of our community!"


We're just saying you should do some research on a topic yourself, using Google to find some articles.  If you had done this beforehand, you probably would've figured out that there really isn't much room for opinion when it comes to loops, and you'd easily be able to find out what a loop is, how different kinds of them work, what they're often used for, etc.


You don't have to let the somewhat negative reaction to your post put you off from GameDev.net forever.  We're just telling you how things work around here and how you're expected to act, and if you follow our advice, you'll get much more positive reactions.

In Topic: How do I judge how much data I can regularly send to players?

04 April 2014 - 09:25 PM

Thank you for the thorough responses!


I've been measuring how much data the clients get on average per second, and it usually sticks around 220 bytes at the moment, give or take.


It's not a finished game (or near finished), though...it's a MOBA game (like Dota 2, League of Legends, and so on) and right now all I have implemented is the players, who weren't moving or casting spells at the time, and the creeps, 15 per team per wave, which run down lanes and target and attack each other.


All that's really being sent during the test is messages for the health of creeps that have taken damage since the last message was sent, and messages for when creeps are changing targets.


On a side note, I'm actually not sure if this way of measuring it is even legitimate, though...it seems like I'm only recording the actual amount of data I put in the message when I make the averages, but I read this post and the second paragraph seems to say that messages regularly contain extra bytes of data inside them – if I understand correctly, 112 bytes for IPv4 or 132 bytes for IPv6.  Does that apply to Lidgren messages?

In Topic: Home page text doesn't show up until it is moused over

22 March 2014 - 04:13 PM

It started happening again when I loaded the homepage.

Oddly enough, when I open the console (F12), all of the text is fixed and starts showing up again.


I get errors in the console, but I'm not much of a web developer, so I'm not sure if they're actually relevant to the issue here (it seems every page I visit gets some errors in the console, for some reason).


The first is an error and the second is a warning:


(2) Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < (mnc.html:2)


event.returnValue is deprected.  Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.


However, these errors seem to appear even when it loads properly, so maybe they aren't related.


I find it odd that just opening the Chrome console fixes all of the text, though.

In Topic: Home page text doesn't show up until it is moused over

21 March 2014 - 01:31 PM

I did use an ad blocker during that screenshot because I'd forgotten to disable it on this site.  Sorry!


I realized after making the screenshot, so I've got the ad blocker disabled on all pages of the GameDev domain (something I should have done a while ago).


The issue seems to be gone now.  Just in case it had to do with the ad blocker being turned off, I tried putting it on again, but the issue is still gone, so it probably wasn't related to that.  It just seems to have fixed itself overnight.


Yesterday, when I made this thread, the issue was happening consistently every time I visited the site.

In Topic: Hobbies for game developers

22 February 2014 - 04:09 PM

I dont get how can knowing to play a musical instrument be way more common than knowing how to draw.


Every children will have access to pen and paper, everyone knows how a pencil works.

Now to play an instrument, theres so many complexities involved, and its so not intuitive to convert what you hear to figuring out how to reproduce on the instrument.


Now if you fart on a corner, 60% of the ppl who will smell it will know how to play an instrument, and 2% know how to draw. At least on my personal experience is how I perceive.


How can that be?

I think it's because drawing is hard and a lot of people get discouraged by the poor results they start with, whereas you can get something decent out of an instrument pretty fast.



Usually I just find a nice place to pace around in-doors (little foyer/hallway area), and pace for an hour or two (or sometimes alot more), letting my mind wander over a vast range of things - game mechanics, world design, fictional lore, past movies I've watched, my hopes for the future of the business I'm trying to start, and things like that. Sometimes I pace for just 5-10 minutes, a dozen times in the day, and sometimes I pace for hours-straight. It really confuses house-guests and visitors.


I'd do this more often if I had the focus for it.  My mind just wanders to irrelevant things too fast.  I have trouble focusing on something unless I'm in front of my computer dealing with the issue, which is annoying because then I have to always be in front of my computer when I want to overcome a problem.