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Casey Hardman

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#4899397 Play without save/load

Posted by on 03 January 2012 - 03:44 PM

In games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim, the save/load feature never really made me feel less immersed. In fact, if I felt I had to go through with my decision to lop someone's head off and face the entire city full of guards and citizens afterwards, I would rarely do it and wouldn't end up having much fun...

Maybe it's just because these games are the type where, if you die, you load your last save and try again instead of having the storyline changed. However, I still feel like I'd like to win if I can, whether it's on the first try or the seventh. I'd prefer trying multiple times.

I don't think this would ruin immersion, because in my opinion, immersion isn't "thinking you're inside the game" - you'll almost always be aware that you're playing a game, but if you're immersed, you'll care more about what happens in the game. If your players care enough to repeatedly try to beat the specific fight, then why stop them?

I say, let them save/load, but tell them and remind them throughout the game that they don't have to win to progress.

#4889974 I spent high school in front of my computer

Posted by on 02 December 2011 - 06:44 PM

I'm not going to try and get into this too much, but I'd just like to note that "doing fun things" to some is "sitting behind a computer and learning how to script, program, model, etc."
The quoted user seems to imply that chasing after girls and playing sports is the definite, static description of "fun". Plus, the "usual highschool things" seems like it could vary wildly depending on who you're talking about.

#4885796 Awesome scientific discoveries.

Posted by on 19 November 2011 - 11:02 PM

I saw some video of a news report on a """""""discovery""""""" of the 'God particle', but the person they were interviewing (a scientist or something) basically just said "So yeah, we were doing this stuff and we found that we got results!!"

Great, glad this is on the news. Maybe once you find out something useful you should seek publicity?

#4882498 Is Unity3D spoiling me?

Posted by on 10 November 2011 - 03:43 AM

I've been developing a sort of 'demo' of my "dream game" MOFPS with Unity3D using JavaScript. I've made windows for customizing equipment, fairly smooth movement, jumping and wall jumping, and a firing/accuracy system that I think works (for now).

However, I've been aware mostly from day 1 that Unity is the easy way out and it is sort of babysitting me. I don't really know much about hard-coding and the steps it takes to actually make your own 3D game from scratch. I'm not even sure if Unity's JavaScript can actually be considered JavaScript, or if they just named it that to add to the ever-growing list of "Java" names out there.

This project of mine is just to flesh out the physics system of my MOFPS dream game. Unity has been great, very easy to use in a lot of situations, and it seems very efficient. However, I'm not necessarily learning applicable skills here, am I? JavaScript seems so watered down whenever I compare it to C# or C++ examples here on GameDev.

I'm fairly certain that I want to pursue a game development career in some way, but this is the learning phase for me, as I'm still young, and I don't want to waste it.

So some of the questions I have now:

Is Unity spoiling me and hiding me from the 'real world'? Am I not learning anything actually useful while using this engine? Is there any way I might be able to use the demo in the future as a pitch to showcase how the game is supposed to play?

Should I stop using Unity and pursue C# or a similar language? If so, should I start by trying to develop my dream FPS, or should I practice on something different?

Some experienced guidance would really help me,


#4861767 Female Enemies in Beat 'em Up

Posted by on 14 September 2011 - 04:46 PM

They're not things nobody else notices. They're talked about to death every single time the topic comes up. It's boring. I think the OP brings up an interesting topic if one has the energy to really get into it. You bring up a different topic. There's a button for that, and it's not "reply".

Sorry, I was just giving my opinion on the thread. I didn't know those belonged outside of replies. I guess I could make a blog for it, post it there, make a new thread called "My Opinion On "Female Enemies in Beat 'em Up"" and leave a link to my blog post there.

Seriously though, I didn't mean to offend you (or whatever reaction it provoked; I can't really put my finger on it...) I was just replying to the thread, even if you think I was trying to morph it into something else.

#4861713 Female Enemies in Beat 'em Up

Posted by on 14 September 2011 - 01:58 PM

"Why is it that people only worry about offending the females?

For what it's worth, in my post above I basically "yes it's sexist against men, but likely nobody will actually get offended anyway".

Anyway, does every thread on the topic have to get derailed like that? Go post on the lounge if you're uspet about feminists.

I was just noting on a few things that no one else seems to be able to notice. It was an answer to the question presented. I wasn't trying to start an argument or derail the thread.
I don't know why people always try to shove words down my throat...

#4861389 Female Enemies in Beat 'em Up

Posted by on 13 September 2011 - 10:59 PM

Why is it that people only worry about offending the females?

<rant> Probably because most of them are overly sensitive and offensive about their gender because they feel they are worse due to their own projections. </rant>

Anyway, as I was saying, if it never crossed your mind to ask yourself this question:

"If this main character is a handsome male that will ultimately get pommeled, would it make the males playing this game feel alienated?"

then why do you ask yourself this question:

"If this main character is a beautiful female that will ultimately get pommeled, would it make the females playing this game feel alienated?"

<rant> It seems like females want equal rights for the positive things it will apply to them, yet they neglect to realize that men are treated unequally in thousands of situations, too... </rant>

Seriously though, if no one would care about applying a man to this position, why would it be any different for a female?

#4847490 Game Maker vs Coding Yourself

Posted by on 10 August 2011 - 09:35 PM

When I used Game Maker, I preferred GML (Game Maker Language) much more than the drag-and-drop interface because it seemed to be faster. It also helped me later when I got into different languages because I had some knowledge of general coding syntax, such as variables, arrays, for loops, ifs, functions, and so on.

#4846100 Hp is useless in rpgs. Damage is all that matters.

Posted by on 08 August 2011 - 02:25 AM

Hi i always noted that in all rpgs glasscannon characters are always stronger than any other character. This forces players into mindlessly putting all points in str.

1) A damage dealer is a better farmer. He can kill faster get more gold, items, exp. If a game doesnt have exponential xp requirements then the glasscannon will have twice the level of a tank, thus more hp.

Then implement a design that counteracts this. If it's like that, you've made a system where your enemies aren't harmful enough to make a glass cannon worry about health at all.

2) A glasscannon has unlimited hp: People always attack the nearest target, a glasscannon character can just stand at the back in team fights, hide in a location that prevents the enemy from spotting them, or kite the enemy with ranged attacks.Extra survivability is useless when you can just potion spam to recover full hp, or never take damage because you are ranged character. In some games tanks can still die in 1 hit from instant death, petrify, etc.

Since when do people always attack the nearest target? What if the game is not MapleStory and has no potions? What if there is no position in the game where no one can ever spot you ever? What if a melee character...now stay with me here...WALKS UP to a ranged character and attacks them? RPGs where you get 1-shotted regardless of your health are a lost cause.

3) A damage dealer is a healer. For example you kill tryndamere in 0.35 sec with your instant cast no global cooldown leblanc macro. congratz you just healed / prevented 17.000 damage when soraka can only heal 300 every 10 sec.

I've played League of Legends a bit, but I still don't know what LeBlanc's ultimate does, so I don't really understand.

How can you tackle this problem in your rpg ?
1) How can you make hp meaningfull ?

Force enemies to attack you? Provide higher damage reduction based on the stat that gives maximum health? Think?

2) I wanted to make hp stronger than damage but i havent found a way. i tried increasing the hp gained per stamina stat but battles had the same result !!!

Maybe implement higher values so you have a wider range of possibilities? Such as 14 health and 10 damage or ... something other than 1 str = 1 damage and 1 stamina = 1 health..? Where is attack speed in your equation?

Glasscannon : 500 stamina, 500 str.
Tank : 700 stamina, 300 str.

Example 1: 1 str causes 1 damage.
1 stamina grants 10 hp.

glasscannon(500.0,500.0) wins Tank(700.0,300) with 769.9998319149017 / 5000.0 hp ( 15.399996337890625% ) in 94 attacks.

Example 2: 1 str causes 1 damage.
1 stamina grants 1000 hp.

glasscannon(500.0,500.0,0.0,0.0,0.0) wins Tank(700.0,300.0,0.0,0.0,0.0) with 79969.98330950737 / 500000.0 hp ( 15.993996874999999% ) in 9334 attacks.

Is this strange? no matter how you "favor" hp stat, the result of the battle wont change !!! Because the tank will still deal less overall damage, and cant match against the glasscannon.

Their roles are not the same. Tanks aren't meant for dealing damage, they are meant for absorbing damage. Like I said above, if you change it from 1 HP/DMG per stat point, then you would get different results...also, if you're not in a total 1-on-1-PvP game, then tanks will have a different role. Leave the DPS to the glass cannon and make sure they don't die?

Are we forced to live in 1/1 hp world ? where hp is useless ? how can i fix this with a linear damage formula ? Do i make hp deal damage as well ?

#4840883 FPS GAMES SUCK!

Posted by on 26 July 2011 - 06:07 PM

Troll Threads for ratings yay, rate me up kthxby!!


I love how the OP just states things. FPS' suck! Why? What are your points against it?

Must be a troll..

#4831259 Puzzle game idea - Feedbacks, please

Posted by on 05 July 2011 - 02:55 AM

What is the goal? Will you simply play until you can't advance any more?
It seems kind of contradictory when you say "Building residentials increases birth rate (and in turn increases population) and culture point. High culture reduces birth rate"...so you get more birth rate and then you lose it? Unless the culture point is different than the plain culture in some way?

#4797845 Help with programming...

Posted by on 13 April 2011 - 02:11 AM

Yes, you're fault that you forgot to mention it couldn't start with the third letter in the English alphabet. Sorry you screwed up like that : / maybe you'll try harder next time. Post again? Posted ImagePosted Image

#4790604 Real-Time Adventure game

Posted by on 26 March 2011 - 12:14 AM

In my opinion, realism shouldn't get in the way of gameplay too much. Eventually it just becomes annoying, not 'immersing' or whatever you're trying to obtain with a clock system.

What would it really accomplish besides butting people out of certain events because they are working or at school during certain times of the day? It's not like you pay attention to the window when you're playing a game, anyway - sometimes I don't notice it has gotten dark during my playtime and don't really care (unless I'd planned on going out). Why should I?

#4788004 What are some songs that tell stories?

Posted by on 19 March 2011 - 12:30 PM

Wow, 10 replies already.
Thanks to everyone and their replies!
I'll have to wait until I'm on the 'better' computer (it's not really better since it's Vista, but I prefer it) to start listening.
I'll give rep to whoever helps!

A cross-section of my iPod that fits this incredibly broad description:

Stan by Eminem. sublime song, the best work he has done.

You Don't Mess Around with Jim by Jim Croce

Ballad of Booth (from Assassins by Stephen Sondheim)

Seriously dude..."Songs that tell stories"..."preferably about people or things" It would be harder to name the reverse.

I suppose I wasn't very clear with why I need the songs - sorry. Maybe knowing will help you some?

I'm a fantasy writer/game designer and I'm trying to find songs to base 'bosses' off of. I can base the bosses off of creatures or humans, so that's why I included "about things".
The bosses drop an item that you can have identified by an NPC, and then you can read that character's story in a new window when you use the item. Maybe, if they're based off of a song, I could make a little 'Magnifying Glass' that you can use on the item (when you're reading the story off of said item) and if you look in the bottom right corner or something, small letters of the song that was used could be found...
But, that might cause copyright issues - and would anyone even think to do something like that?

Anyway, that's why I wanted songs like that.

#4787836 What are some songs that tell stories?

Posted by on 18 March 2011 - 11:50 PM

I'm looking for some songs that tell stories about people, things, or how things work.
Please, no rap about how "dat girl is the gun to muh holster, sheeby runnin' threw muh mine doll day"..in other words, no rap about the club life or party life. And don't read this and say "It'll be funny if I leave a link to a YouTube song about partying because he told me not to LOL"..and especially don't ACT on that thought.

Oh, and if you want reputation for a helpful answer, you'll have to also answer this question: ...how do you give rep? Is it rating a reply with a thumbs up, or is it done some different way? I've looked for a bit, but can't seem to find anything.

Some examples I already know about would be Lay Me Down by Dirty Heads, White Flag Warriors by Flobots, ETC.