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In Topic: My new game : Shackles

14 April 2015 - 02:33 PM

Thank you ! I think being small gives a feeling of vulnerability or weakness, don't you think ?

In Topic: Cyberpunk Game Jam 2014

26 February 2014 - 02:47 AM

Interesting :)

In Topic: Basic AI for turn-based AI (xcom-like) soldiers

24 October 2012 - 03:03 PM

You must set a "weight" for every action , for example :
every hit taken = 3p , so if there is an enemy that could deal 10 hits , then getting to cover will save you 30 points .
every damage dealt = 2p , and for powerful enemies it will be 3p , 4p for medics ...etc .

Notice that there are special cases , like healing your last teammate is more important than dealing some damage (unless that damage is enough to kill the last enemy for example) , but you shouldn't worry about this for now :)

In Topic: Basic AI for turn-based AI (xcom-like) soldiers

24 October 2012 - 08:18 AM

Hi suliman

I think your cases are too general and dividing them will help you to deal with them easily .
I will assume you have different soldier classes , just for clarification .

1. Positioning, use cover/walls depending on known position of hostiles (probably hardest to implement)

That depends on many things :
Is the teammate taking/not taking fire ?
Heavy soldiers prefer close cover , Snipers prefer far ones .
Is the teammate injured ? if so he will need to take the closest cover to the medic .
Choosing High areas to expose as many enemies as possible .
Choosing Hidden areas to make surprising attacks .

2. "Plan" usage of timeunits so doesnt end turn in exposed location

You must prioritize your conditions (time , safety , superiority , close / far ... etc) , that will help you determine which position to choose for every situation .

3. Pick suitable firemodes (snap shot, aim fire, full auto) depending on "situation"

That will depend on how far is the your soldier , armored/weak enemies , covered / exposed ...

4. Choose when/if to use special actions like throw grenade, crouch, heal teammates

I think of something like :
Fighting group of enemies ? -> They are far ? -> Throw grenade , They are close ? -> open heavy fire .
Going to positions A ? -> Crouch if that will help you hide from enemy's sight , getting to narrow areas or when getting behind cover ...
Check for close teammates ? -> if no one injured -> check for far ones , if a close teammate is injured go help him . Here you will have to make the other teammate come closer to the healer as well as the healer will go closer to him (if possible) . Also you must make conditions about who will get treated first (closer first or critically injured first ...)

5. Choose weather to run after enemies, stay put, scout for additional enemies when noone is visible etc.

mmm , I suppose chasing enemies will be better if the team is in superior condition , if not then they will have to retreat instead .
Staying will be preferred if you want to ambush the enemy when he comes to your area , or to hide from scouts .
Scout for enemies while your team is recovering from a fight for example , so you can get ready as early as possible .

There are so many conditions and variables here , I think you'd better play XCOM for some more time and try to draw a tree or something to define the situations and actions .

Good luck Posted Image

In Topic: Tactical Formation with multiple objects

21 July 2012 - 05:17 AM


STEP 3 - For each object, send it to its formation position (relative to group's position).

What about making the group moves as one object in the open area , and every object will move on its own when facing an obstacle ?
The way your objects move reminded me of the old typewriter , the objects move few stpes up and right and then return the straight line of the path and so on ,
Here is a video where the wole group moves / rotates as a singel object (like a rectangular object Posted Image)

Hope this helps .