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In Topic: Small indie question

Today, 01:10 PM

What would be the alternative to spending the $200?


Spend nothing: Your game will not be released.

Spend 100$: Release the game without music?


Also, the $100 for iOS development is an annual fee. The $25 for android is a one off payment.


Before releasing though, make sure that your game is as polished and bug free as possible.

Also, if you want to make a profit and not just release it for fun you will have to make your game known. The chance of an app becoming successful without any advertising is virtually zero. Games like flappy bird are a very very rare exception.

In Topic: Am I crazy for wanting to switch from Ue4 to Unity?

25 April 2015 - 06:07 AM

I've found programs (games) powered by Unreal to be much more responsive and less buggy than comparable games made with Unity.
I could be wrong - just a feeling.


This could be because *a lot* of hobby developers use unity. There are some really nice and/or complex games done in unity. Cities: Skylines, Crossy road, the quest keeper, besiege, the forest, stranded deep, rust, etc...

In Topic: Apparently, Game Devs Are Considered Non-Threatening to US National Security...

25 April 2015 - 05:59 AM

Oh, good for you that you didn't tell them you like to play t-side on counter strike.

In Topic: Inter-process Semaphores in Windows?

21 April 2015 - 03:24 PM

Couldn't you simply use an exclusive lock on a file while the application is running?


EDIT: On second thought it might not be simpler

In Topic: Pronounciation of GUI

13 April 2015 - 06:51 PM

I pronounce it gooey. Sometimes I slip back to the old habit of saying guy instead...