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Journal Entries

Bacterius' WoA Feedback > WoA IV Judging Feedback

Posted 30 August 2016

WoA IV Scoresheet. ----
Team: 7 day masochists
Game: nameless
Download: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByRMOIz9rEO0NFlIUkg1MDlwVkE&usp=sharing
Members: IYP, newt
Tech: - Gameplay: 13/25
Graphics: 12/20
Theme: 8/20
Audio: 6/10
FTUE: 6/10
Particiption: -/10
Judges: 3/5 Thoughts:
The game is obviously severely unfinished, an...

Ray Tracing Devlog > Meshes and Scenes

Posted 17 June 2015

In the last entry some simple rendering techniques aimed at improving the speed and quality of the renders were presented. In this short entry the ray tracer will be extended in two rather major ways:
it will be able to render arbitrary triangle meshes rather than just spheres ("analytical" sphere rendering will be dropped in favor of triangle-only render...

Ray Tracing Devlog > Importance Sampling

Posted 01 May 2015

Beware: this entry is HUGE, lots of stuff covered and it will likely take time for the reader to digest it all.

A version of the rendering equation was introduced in the last entry. As we saw, the integral inside the rendering equation generally has no direct, analytical solution, so there are only two approaches to solving it: evaluating it numerically...

Ray Tracing Devlog > The Rendering Equation

Posted 28 March 2015

Please forgive the delay between the previous entry and this one. I didn't mention this before, but I'll try to post these at intervals of two weeks to a month or so; I had already prewritten the first two so they were posted in relatively quick succession, this was exceptional so don't expect weekly entries!

In the last entry the ray tracer was extended...

Ray Tracing Devlog > Shadows and Point Lights

Posted 19 February 2015

In the last entry we set up a simple ray tracer capable of rendering two spheres into an image with solid colors, without any kind of lighting. For this entry we will extend our ray tracer a little bit:
handle arbitrarily many spheres instead of just hardcoding two of them
better color representation
introduce point lights and a simple lighting model