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Journal Entries

Miscellaneous Programming Notebook > AntTweakBar wrapper for C#

Posted 20 April 2014


I've just uploaded my C# wrapper for the AntTweakBar GUI library at https://github.com/TomCrypto/AntTweakBar.NET . Some of you might remember me already posting about this on the forum, this is a completely new and updated version, much much better than the original one. Feel free to check it out, and enjoy http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style...

Rendering Is Fun > Ray Tracing Article Series

Posted 18 January 2014

I'm planning to write a series of ray tracing articles, focusing both on theory and on implementation. They will each be accompanied with a working implementation showing the topics covered, some pictures, and references to consult, though the main goal is to convey various ray tracing ideas and techniques in an intuitive way for the reader to impl...

Miscellaneous Programming Notebook > A tool I wrote

Posted 20 December 2013

I made a little Python 3 tool over the last couple days, it's basically a console-based todo-list/bugtracker which is easy to use and targeted at single programmers or small teams working on smallish projects or prototypes who want something in addition to their usual source control software to better keep track of todo's and bugs that need to be (or...

Rendering Is Fun > Lens Flares: We're in business [demo included]

Posted 06 October 2013

Hello everyone,
it's been a long time since my last update on lens flare rendering. Too long, arguably, since most of the work I am about to unveil in this journal entry was completed in the past two weeks or so, once everything clicked into place. First of all, here is the demo (File->Download), which requires Windows along with a DX11 capable graph...

Rendering Is Fun > Updates in lens diffraction rendering

Posted 22 August 2013

Hey guys,
so I've been working on and off on my lens diffraction project for the past few weeks and I think I finally reached a milestone yesterday. I've got something that looks correct, is relatively efficient (read: not quite 60 fps yet, but certainly interactive), and simple to implement. However I am still having problems with getting the diffraction...