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Ralph McJournalstein > Re-Lease the Kraken Beta

Posted 18 July 2012

Game is still unfinished, but reaching a closing point.
Mac Demo here.

Windows, Linux, and iPad ports when it's finished. (Sorry! Just takes time, ya know.)

Read the text files.

Finished product...

Ralph McJournalstein > Re-Lease the Kraken -> Implemented Title Screen

Posted 11 June 2012

Made a video to show the menu in action and not just a photoshopped concept:

Things seen:
Fully functional menu
Normal mode
Particle effects
Level-reset on death
Temporary(?) In-game tune
Things to...

Ralph McJournalstein > Re-Lease the Kraken

Posted 08 June 2012

There was a Kraken-related comp here on the 'ol GDnet Lounge to which I figured I should join. Initially I knew I wouldn't have time to make a full game, but I could at least make something playable since I started much later into the comp.

Then my release app didn't work.

Then the comp ended.

So I never technically had anything to...