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RTS-unit formation

07 March 2011 - 07:50 PM

I'm not native English speaker so that I don't speak English well. Please understand it.

I'm trying making RTS game.
I put units in this game and had them learn to move.
When player right clicks, selected-units go to the point he clicked.

@ How do I determine the position of each unit ?

I implemented a simple formation.
This method is that:
first, I put a "seed" position which is mouse position when I clicked.
second, I make it grow lengthwise.
third, I put two new seed on the left and right of "seed"
forth, I make them grow lengthwise.
... I repeat these until num of selected-unit is exceeded;

but this method doesn't creat standard formation of standard RTS.
I want to know the standard method.
And, these positions of the formation are assigned to units at random,
so that because some units push units which formed a line once aside when they move,
the formation become disturbed.
I also want to know the method to assign units to best positions.

Please lend me a hand.