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DeeMOONger's Journal > XAPP - Just create a game

Posted 22 April 2013

1st - Sorry for my English!    I began development of new game technology (is not know-how, but...). XAPP - this is a run-time platform (planned as cross-platform). XAPP attaching Sources Interpreter Engine (SEE) modules and running sources. I make small version of basic - XiBASIC.    Now, I continue developing and updating my engine, platform and SEE XiB...

DeeMOONger's Journal > the Space - 2D isometric-45 space shooter

Posted 10 March 2011

Project name: the Space
Environment: Visual C++
DevKits: Direct Draw, Direct Sound, Vorbis OGG and API

First - Sorry for my english! I translate my posts with free PROMT online translator.

Short about the project

The Space is my very old project 2D space game with an isometric projection which I...