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In Topic: Hopeless

29 June 2011 - 06:06 PM

He wants to show his work, whats so bad about that?
And whats with the 3D story?

I do agree that OP should at least put a picture or more info about the game here, and not just a link to the site.

is what i said confusing ? i just asked a question and yes i wondered if why didnt they do it in 3D

In Topic: Hopeless

29 June 2011 - 02:35 AM

ok simply cause im curious whats the point of this game ?
you should put a general idea of your game here instead of having people search for it in your blog.Why not make Photoshop your best friend ?(its not really a hard program to learn).You do know theres python engines out there that atleast allow you to make your games into 3D.3D modeling isnt hard and finding tuts for it is extremely easy.

In Topic: Eyengui Project

27 June 2011 - 06:33 PM


Thank you for all the notes that will enable me to move on andmake my engine more efficient.

Yes, I have a big job to do at the lights and shadows. It is a black spot (hahaha) I have to solve! :)

In terms of textures, I support the bump, the normal, the light ... But as the project is not intended to be as good a Battlefield3, this kind of optimization will be done in a second beta.

In my Editor, I implemented a system for managing the detailed textures. I work with splatting textures that I can handle the multiplicity of textures which can increase greatly the quality of the land.

Loading / unloading of 3D objects is already established as my editor works through a load and unload boxes and optimize.Depending on the distance between the player and the check post,the details of this case is more or less important (textures, lights, models, etc.)

In the end I actually still work but I found a bit harsh in the criticism because we should not forget that I am alone on an amateur project! :)

Thank you anyway

You shouldnt feel insulted by what i said these are just basic things next gen engines have and even crappy ones like unity.What makes people want to choose the UDK and unity over other engines that actually cost money ? simple cause you can make nearly next gen or next gen games.People arent looking for another 2d engine in the market or another 3d engine in the market that cant produce next gen settings.What makes the UDK allow for the next gen graphics ? they have material editor that you can bump objects and vertex paint on meshs using the textures iteself.Ya im sure someone will come on here and correct me about the UDK but thats just me saying what ive used.
What sets your engine apart from other engines ? is it cause of how easy the tools are to use ? or how easy it is to make your terrain? or maybe even how great you can make your textures on the meshs.

im just trying to give constructive criticism if you find it destructive then im sorry wasnt aiming for you to have read it like that.Yes your a beginner but if you really want your engine to be something recruit a team.Make a list of things you want to set it apart from other engines. Concentrate on 1 thing like a material editor or lighting and then work from there.

Lighting is important
Rendering is extremely important

work with what your best with, but Renders are something you should concentrate on, thats what i think atleast..

In Topic: Eyengui Project

25 June 2011 - 10:44 AM

you need to concentrate on the lighting its so strong it doesnt allow so that your buildings can have shadow detail if you know what i mean.

Also its smart to have it where it supports bumping so you gotta make that so that the textures dont look so flat.

Advice time
its smart to make a list of what other game engines mess up on.For instance the UDK terrain editor stretches the poop out of the textures and makes it look

something nice to actually see in a engine and that would be....Where the engine cuts up the meshs so that you can be able to destroy the building.I rather have it done in the engine then having to do that via 3dsmax or maya.

Allow for higher res meshs to go in your engine,it looks like your engine cant handle high Res models.

Trees need alot of work they look really bad but lighting can also fix that.

LOD is also useful keeps from having your Ram drained cause its loading everything from afar.

i would write more but i wanna see if you follow my advice.
Good Luck.

In Topic: GamePlanner

19 June 2011 - 10:40 AM

im pretty sure ipod and iphones have something called notepad o_0.