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Engine coders v.s Game Company Engines

13 June 2011 - 02:29 AM

Well the topic might read a little confusing,so ill explain.Since ive been on gamedev all ive seen is people recommend others to just design they're own engine.Dont get me wrong im not saying that its bad but as the saying goes "time is money".So the longer you waste on making a horrid engine you could use the leading free engines out right now.I'll name a few engines you could use or even start off with by editing yourself completely and making it yourself.

UDK is a great example of a engine to use for FPS like games,im not to sure about it going into a RPG but would be time consuming.Remember folks time is money and having to spend more then 5months on a engine you wanna design yourself cause you wanna feel "PRO" is just completely dumb.

Unity 3D flexible,great to start off with,extremely easy to use just like the UDK and you can find a high amount of tuts all over the tuts.

Engines you can use to build from
i only have one so rage if you want but this is the only one i found updated and open sourced.Doom Engine or the Eternity Engine.I can link you to it,this engine was used for DragonNest so thats a good thing but its missing a high amount of things but its great on tools so your lucky on that.

Now what grinds my gears really is the whole "be pro make your own engine" and then if you dont do it you get negative rep.We're indie game designers,its hard to believe but we are basely a community not just solo acts like big companys.We dont need to compete right now cause we can help each other out of the kindness of our hearts.Ive seen such horrid advice giving like "make 2D" yes 2d is amazing and fun but a company like steam does not what a copy of angry birds done to death back on they're shelves with horrid graphics and that wont sell.I made this thread to hear what you suppose "Pro"s have to say about me advising the beginners to use engines like unity and UDK.Also i want to hear your side.BTW Steam announced they'd stop 2D games from going into they're market.

Note:i expect you to come on here with a open mind not a narrow mind fan boy of 2d games and of self coder of a engine.