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Shawn Hargreaves

Member Since 14 Mar 2011
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Shawn Hargreaves' Blog > WRL implementations of IVector and IAsyncOperation

Posted 10 November 2014

<p><em>tl; dr</em></p> <p>If you are developing your own Windows Runtime component using WRL, you might be interested in borrowing these implementations of standard interfaces:</p> <ul> <li><a title="https://github.com/Microsoft/Win2D/blob/master/winrt/inc/Vector.h " href="h...

Shawn Hargreaves' Blog > Win2D – creating open source at Microsoft

Posted 25 September 2014

If you had asked me a couple of years ago the probability that I would find myself in 2014 paid by Microsoft to work full time on open source code, I would have said near zero. And yet here we are !
Win2D is not my first open source project. I ran what grew to be a substantial one while in college, and more recently a smaller side project...

Shawn Hargreaves' Blog > DirectXMesh

Posted 28 June 2014

Chuck Walbourn has been hard at work on a new project which is now available on CodePlex:
This is a shared source library for performing various geometry content processing operations including generating normals and tangent frames, triangle adjacency computations, and vertex cache optimization. Basically it does for geometry processing wh...

Shawn Hargreaves' Blog > Customizing Visual Studio GPU profiling

Posted 14 April 2014

The GPU profiling feature discussed in my previous post includes a not-very-obvious customization mechanism:
Graphics / Start Diagnostics , use Print Screen to capture frames, then return to Visual Studio
Open up the folder that contains the resulting .vsglog capture file (eg. right-click on GraphicsExperiment1.vsglog and select Open Containing Folder...

Shawn Hargreaves' Blog > GPU profiling in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2

Posted 05 April 2014

The graphics debugging tool formerly known as PIX has been integrated into Visual Studio for a while now, and gets better in every release. But unlike Xbox PIX, the Windows incarnation of this technology has until now been only for debugging and not profiling. It provided lots of information about what happened, but none at all about how long things took....