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In Topic: Finding RtNEAT tutorial/example code

16 May 2012 - 08:23 AM

I'm not sure why you would need a book or paper to analyze the fact that you can't easily tweak a "learned" algorithm without going back and retraining it. There are no well-labeled knobs to turn, no branch points to edit, no triggers to massage... it's a black box. You have to hope for the best.

Its an academic thing, the marking scheme's tick boxes must be filled, else the lecturers give a lower mark.

In Topic: Finding RtNEAT tutorial/example code

15 May 2012 - 06:55 AM

There are actually lot of reasons why bots in shooters don't play like humans... but that is done for design reasons rather than technical ones. Additionally, using a GA or NN isn't going to get you better results... but rather more vanilla ones. The thing that makes human play more interesting is the unpredictability. All of that unpredictability gets washed out in a derived solution such as a GA or NN. What you have in the end is simply a single algorithm no different that some sort of rule-based system like a behavior tree, expert system, utility-based system, planner, etc. The only difference was how you arrived at that single solution. (And the major weakness being that you might not be able to meaningfully tweak it later since you might not really know what any of the results "mean".) Really, all you are doing is "hoping for the best".

IADaveMark have got any research papers or books you written on the whole arguement of "rule based" vs NN/GA. It has just made my research proposal more interesting since I nolonger have to assume that GA or NN are the magic solution for everything.

In Topic: Finding RtNEAT tutorial/example code

01 May 2012 - 05:04 AM

Here... About as much as I can help.

My question to you, however, is... what benefit do you see in using a GA in game?

Preventing further repetition since it has started to make the shooters particularly boring for me. I've learnt how to play against most shooter AI and it iritates me now. I've been wondering why AI characters aren't able to learnt like somebody you get to play online. Its just started to irritate me.

In Topic: Cybernetics and games?

28 February 2012 - 05:56 AM

Thanks so much, you've made it crystall clear.

Additionally, what is the best literature on cybernetics and which one of Will Wright early games have the simplied implementation of the it (my research project will keep everything simplified I'm touching on A.I. learning in it too).

In Topic: left handed coordinate system and OBJ files?

09 November 2011 - 11:48 AM

Handedness is not an attribute of the .OBJ file format, it is purely a function of the exporter and importer. An .OBJ file only handles data. I'm only familiar with the Blender exporter for .OBJ, but it allows you to specify the axes upon export, converting from Blender's coordinate system to the coordinate system specified by your choice of Forward and Up axes. So I'd imagine that if the free and open source software does it, then the commercial one probably does as well.