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In Topic: Windows 7 Nightmare

03 September 2014 - 03:20 AM



I've had this happen multiple times, and for me, every time it was a corrupt user profile.  You can google it, but the fix was something like creating a new user, then copying over everything from the old profile to the new profile, and then just use the new profile.


Thanks for all of your advice, I feel much more confident now that I know it is a recognised glitch. Now all I need to do is fix it, since I imagine you folks are comprised of programmers etc... I should warn you that I'm not too au-fait on this type of thing. My query is more accurately worded as:

How me make computer good?

The suggestion that Glass Knife made seems to be pretty good, is anyone able to provide a link to a guide for that process? I'd gladly google it myself, but I'm a little wary of finding a guide for the wrong process and potentially worsening things?


Cheers for all your help so far - second to none!


In Topic: Windows 7 Nightmare

22 August 2014 - 02:27 AM

Firstly, thanks for all the advice - it's much appreciated.

Dragonsoulj - your suggestion worked. All of my original files are present in the Users folder that you described.

Could a virus cause the corruption or is it just a systemic glitch?

In Topic: You spawn in a forest, in your backpack you have a...

08 May 2013 - 03:42 AM

The action in the game is going to be tick-based and text-based, but there will be a graphical representation of the sector of map that you are in showing the basic positions of you, other entities, items etc...

I want the game to look like you are in a control room, looking at a radar representation of what is going on.


I want the items to be attribute based, so for example, you might have a collection of sticks that you have pulled off a tree. One might have a sharpness of 87% another might have a sharpness of only 4%. You wouldn't be able to use sticks with a sharpness of less than, say, 30% as tent pegs, but you would need sticks of a sharpness of at least 70% to use them as eating utensils.


This way, the crafting will hopefully have a lot of depth. Using a rock to bang a stake in the ground might reduce the weight or strength attribute of the rock etc...


It would be interesting to see how players would use this from an emergent gameplay point of view. One famous example is Minecraft, YouTube is choc-full of videos showing how to make different player-designed mob traps - so hopefully, by giving the players some sandbox elements, and a robust crafting system, the game items will design and evolve themselves in some way.

To this end, short of basic elements like trees and leaves, I want to keep the number of non-player-made items to a minimum. The whole architecture of the game is up to the gamers, if this happened, the players might even form an online civil society (they won't).


Good suggestions everyone.

In Topic: Showing depth in a 2D, top-down game.

08 August 2012 - 01:18 PM

I had thought of that, but I'm not sure it's enough.

Posted Image

It works to a certain extent, but I'm not sure it would work for larger depths or larger surface areas.

As a visual device, artificial blur tends to work better for faking lens focus, but the distant objects being blurred are usually smaller anyway, which is what combines with the blur to give the illusion. On its own, the blur ends up just looking a bit smudgey.

I'm tempted to just try voids and chasms as big black spaces?

On the surface of the world, I want players to be able to build multi-storey buildings - but representing this is tricky.

Would standing in the top room of a tall tower just render everything outside the perimeter of the room in the field below as black nothingness? This is one option and a device used in many graphical rogue-like games, but it would be nice if sitting in a tower would give you some kind of view, instead of just colouring the outside air at the same altitude as the player as a black void.

In case anyone's confused; here's a quick google images example of what I mean by the outside of a room being neglected as blackness:

Posted Image

In Topic: Designing Traps for Player vs Player?

16 June 2012 - 10:26 AM

You could add a trap crafting mechanic, where players are provided with basic ingredients (wood, barbed wire, springs, nails, rope etc...).

Players could then construct traps from component parts, maybe in a different window (a la Minecraft). When they are finished, they could be compiled into a placable unit that players can trigger in whatever way the designer intends. Alternatively, the traps could be built from components live in the game. In this case, physics engines really open up the potential for things like this.