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Cap'n VG

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In Topic: a side scrolling action game concept

22 January 2015 - 08:57 AM

Sorry....my bad.


I just wanted some feedback about the game concept I just thought of recently..... I know its not much but seeing as how I got an idea, I'd like to get some feedback for that idea.


If only I could make games..... :(

In Topic: Can this RPG mechanic work?

06 December 2014 - 10:41 PM

Sounds vaguely like a Mario & Luigi RPG game of some sort. They often play around with Mario and Luigi doing different things or swapping between modes.


Have you played The World Ends With You? In that game, using the Nintendo DS's dual-screens, each character is fighting on a different screen.


It sounds like the mechanic could work - but execution is everything.


Swapping stats sounds like it removes each prince's individuality - I, as a player, no longer need to care about the differences between them. In my mind they then become one character in two bodies, rather than two unique characters. This may be what you are going for, plot-wise*, but makes the game less interesting, character-wise.


*Cliched plot twist: they aren't really twins, they are same person who got split apart in two or more bodies.


I've played RPG games and majority of them are pretty much the same. 


By "the same", do you mean they have ceased to be enjoyable to you, or that they weren't really enjoyable to you in the first place?


Why have they ceased to be enjoyable? Have your tastes in genre changed, or have you just played similar RPGs so much that you feel like you're just replaying the same game over and over?


What parts have ceased to be enjoyable? How would you go about improving - or removing - those parts?

How can you take the RPG genre and distill it, refine it, build upon it, polish it, and improve it?




So I want to do something new to the genre.


Are you doing something different just for the sake of being different, or are you trying to do something better and make things more enjoyable?


Different doesn't always mean better. Different doesn't always mean enjoyable. Sometimes they can be improvements, other times they are just gimmicks that are entertaining for one game, but aren't really lasting improvements to the genre. Which is fine - the occasional gimmick-game can be enjoyable. Are you designing a gimmick game?


I was inspired to do this mechanic after playing Bowser's inside story. The thing is though that the Mario rpgs don't require a lot of grinding process in order to make progress. The idea of this mechanic is that I want anyone to enjoy RPG's not because of its gameplay but also because of the genre having well written stories and people who play it halfway won't get to enjoy the rest of the story. So yes, you can say that I'm making a gimmicky game.


Some of you mentioned that the game wouldn't work with swapping stats and I want to tell you that levelling up in this game is not so frequent as it would in any RPG. you can battle tougher bosses with low levels, something that cannot be done in rpgs. Therefore the game will be really fun to those who aren't interested in RPG's normally


When playing RPG's, there are various things in common. grinding, talking to characters to find out what to do, facing bosses, watching cutscenes and then facing climaxes. While its understandable why everyone likes this process in RPG's, it will leave others not that interested because of one factor that can potentially stop players from playing. Grinding and I want to make that process more enjoyable by improving in it. 


Another problem RPG's have is once the game is beaten, there really is no point in revisiting the game unless the game offers story branching such as Chrono Trigger. Then Side quests only give the benefit of the player getting more powerful rather than offering something else like unlocking concept art and such. 


The world ends with you is an action rpg whereas I'm making an RPG game instead. As for the character wise, its not going to be as cliche as you think it would in my defense atleast. I'm going to bring out branching paths for the story like trigger.

In Topic: Can this RPG mechanic work?

06 December 2014 - 03:34 AM

So any feedback from anyone else would be really helpful.

In Topic: Can this RPG mechanic work?

05 December 2014 - 03:40 AM

Ok I'll try to elaborate.


You control two characters and both the characters have to solve puzzles together otherwise progress cannot be done. So the characters are both one unit.and you need to take care of them both. 


The prince who solves puzzles also fights because as I said earlier, both are somehow connected so the the prince who doesn't fight the monsters fights the phantom pirates that give money when defeated and the prince who fights also gets to do the puzzles.


So take this example. In the section where one prince has a puzzle, the other prince can't make progress due to the puzzles the other prince needs to solve. In other words, The world where one prince is will affect the world the other prince is because of the puzzle solving. 


Combat system is just like a JRPG except that you get to choose which character to use for combat due to them being in different situations. This system is unique because of the ability to swap stats between the two princes. So if one prince is low on health, you can swap with the other princes DEF to compensate the low health to get less damage and vise versa.


It provides a different experience because two characters have a separate story and since you rely on both the characters, the events of the story will vary. Infact the mechanic plays an important role to the story so that's why its very vital.

In Topic: Which version is better?

09 August 2013 - 03:54 AM

Ok. I made the game a little more balanced. How is it now?