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In Topic: What's the difference between studying computer science and studying game...

17 June 2016 - 05:27 AM

Ok so what about in the case of figuring out how to do specific game logics like the ability to use touch draw functions and such?


In that sense, will it benefit if you learn Computer Science or even a game programming course is good enough?


Whatever concepts I pitch, it tends to get rejected because these programmers I work with can't figure out how to do the logic behind them.


Also, I'd like to know just how many programmers are able to finish tasks in just a matter of few days compared to others.

In Topic: Can't get enemy shoot at a certain point in game maker studio

26 May 2016 - 03:56 AM

Yup, your problem is basically duplicated code.  On your obj_plane, you are getting the error, complaining about variables that haven't been created.  You created those variables on the obj_controller_plane object, and it appears that you have your code there as well, so you need to take it out of the obj_plane object.


Also, if you want to access those variables from your plane controller object on some other object, similar to what you do for the bullet object, you need to access it by object name.

vspeed = obj_controller.speedarray[obj_controller.difficulty];

See how you access variables on the obj_controller object from the obj_bullet object?  That is also what I don't see anywhere on the obj_plane object, and so you need to access variables on other objects the same way.


Ok, I now removed the duplicated lines from obj_plane and now in the create event, its like this.


hspeed = obj_controller_plane.array[obj_controller_plane.challenge];


But it now shows an error on the obj_controller_plane saying that the variables are not set at this line. How do I fix this? If its able to work on obj_controller, how can it not work on obj_controller_plane?

In Topic: Can't get enemy shoot at a certain point in game maker studio

25 May 2016 - 04:46 AM

Ok here is the link.




btw, thanks for your help so far. I don't know how I can make my game without your guidance since the community isn't around anymore.

In Topic: Can't get enemy shoot at a certain point in game maker studio

24 May 2016 - 05:06 AM

Ok so now I want to increase the speed of the plane every one minute and this is what I did. I made another object called object_controller_plane and did the following:


Create Event:


array[0] = 2;

array[1] = 4;

array[2] = 6;

array[3] = 8;

planespeed = 3600;

challenge = 0;


Step Event:

if(planespeed == 0)


planespeed = 3600;


if(challenge < 3)





Then I placed the object in the room. But it shows the error on the line if planespeed == 0. I find it odd because that's the same coding i did for the controller_bullet and yet it doesn't show an error there.

In Topic: Can't get enemy shoot at a certain point in game maker studio

23 May 2016 - 03:16 AM

If you are setting the counter to 6, then it is going to be upgrading the difficulty really quick, as 6 steps happens in a tenth of a second at 60 room speed.  You need to multiply by 3600 to get to minutes.  So for 1 minute, you need to set the counter to 3600 steps.


I did put counter to 3600 steps as you said and again, it still doesn't change that speed no matter how long I wait. I mean, even after waiting for a minute, it still has that same speed.