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Cap'n VG

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#5125017 Do game designers need to use the computer to work?

Posted by Cap'n VG on 20 January 2014 - 05:27 AM

My parents complain that I use too much of the comp and play games too much. I only play games for only about 2-3 hrs max per day but I use the comp a lot because I need to use it for not only my college works but also for my future career. So I want to know if for being a game designer, do you need to spend a lot of time in the computer making assets for video games or something? Or better yet, does a game designer really need to spend hours in the computer working?

#5080711 InkMan

Posted by Cap'n VG on 26 July 2013 - 05:38 AM

Name of the game: Inkman

Genre: Platform

Target audience: The game is focused on casual gamers.


Artstyle: The game will use pop art and cartoon art as its artstyle


Game concept: Its about Inkman who saves the world of blotspot with his pen sword which he can use to spray ink , pop bubbles,  absorb colors and cause enemies to slip.


Game mechanics: The game starts with the main character inkman. Inkman can run, jump, stick on walls, absorb/shoot ink colours and use his pen nib to pop bubbles that leave stamps and medals.


Spraying ink on the floor not only allows enemy’s to slip away from the player but also allows inkman to run faster to reach farther places. Whenever inkman gets hit or uses his ink, a portion of his body turns white. When his entire body becomes white, he losses a life. When all lives are lost, the game ends and the player can either continue or quit playing. He can regain his color by either absorbing the color essence  from enemies or by being poured/touched by a color paint.  


The goal of each level is to reach the end of the level that has a black and white picture. Choose which ink color to shoot from top to bottom as there are only five colours. If the five colours match the picture, the player earns five lives.  Some parts of a level will be in black and white and inkman cannot access those parts unless the player finds a black and white picture based on the level segment and spraying colours that are based on the fragments of the picture.


There are certain powerups in the game that enhance inkman’s abilities. These include a color orb which changes the colour appearance of inkman allowing him to spray the new colour. An ink bottle which acts as extra energy bar that allows inkman to spray more ink till the bottle becomes empty And a silver pen nib which allows inkman to spray ink even further.


Some colors that ink man changes create an essence, for example if ink man is red, he can smash rocks. If he is blue he falls slower than before. If he is orange, he can splash colour whenever he lands. If he is black, his ink will push enemies even further.


Hidden in levels are stamps and medals. Collecting  stamps allows inkman to send a message to mailboxes based on the image of the stamp. For example if inkman gets a one up stamp, he needs to go to a mailbox with a one up image to get a one up.

Medals are hidden in difficult areas and while its not necessarily needed to complete the game they can be used to earn more continues/lives, increase the ink bar etc.

#4973963 What is wrong with the pitching here?

Posted by Cap'n VG on 27 August 2012 - 07:44 PM

Ok this time I've made improvements.

Title of the game: Touche
copyright information:n/a

Game concept: It is a role playing game where a player is able to control two characters simultaneously despite them being in different paths but allows them to swap their health, money and exp.

Demographic:The game is focused mainly for those who are influenced in role playing games and for those who wish to see unique gameplay.

Feature set:
1.Control two characters simultaneously and exchange exp and money.
2.If one heals, the other can heal as well.
3.Swap stats to improve tactic skills.

Game mechanics: It is a Role Playing Game. In this game The player controls two characters simultaneously. i.e if the character from top goes up, the character from the bottom will do the same.

This means that the player cannot move them separately, and if the one is stuck while the other one isn't, the player can't progress until the character on top can go forward. For example Jornne at the top screen is at a dead end while Tornne at the bottom screen isn't and needs to go upstairs, which means the player has to figure a way for Jornne to pass through in order for Tornne to go upstairs so that both can progress further.

However once the player gets the Masunga Bracelet, the player can then move Jornne/tornne separately while the other one remains as a stone. However, the bracelet can work only for a few seconds and after that, the one turned to stone comes back and instantly warps to the position where the other character is.

When in combat either tornne or jornne will have a battle. When this happens, the one who faces battles will combat while the other one faces spirits. Spirits are the only ones which give exp while enemies will only give money. To make this tactical, the player can exchange exp, money to the two characters. As the game progresses, the player will have the ability to swap stats as well. If one character gets hurt in battle, the other one will get hurt as well despite him not being hit. If one dies in a battle, then the other one can still fight and after the battle, the other one needs to exchange his health bar to keep the other active and progress. If both the characters die, the game ends.

#4973409 What is wrong with the pitching here?

Posted by Cap'n VG on 25 August 2012 - 11:37 PM

This is a game Idea that I've written it in a document. I'm not sure if it goes to writing for games or not since its the idea I'm talking about.

Title of the game: Touche
copyright information:n/a

Game concept: The game is a puzzle rpg game which involves two main characters though some others will be playable as well but not major.

Demographic:The game is focused mainly for those who are a fantic of role playing games and for those who wish to experiment with the unique game mechanics.

Feature set:
1.Control two characters with one solving puzzles and the other battling in this RPG.
2.Why not let the one solve puzzles recover...So the one fighting can recover!
3.Use fast track option so that the one in need can be focused more!

Game mechanics: It is an RPG game as well as puzzle based. At first players control Prince Tornne
who does missions and assists peasants. By doing this, he gains EXP and items as well. But once Prince Jornne appears, the gameplay becomes interesting. Tornne or Jornne will either be battling or solving puzzles separately. For example, Thorne is under a fight while Jornne solves a puzzle.

Like wise it can be opposite as well like Jornne battling and Tornne solving puzzles. This is further more linked as when Tornne or Jornne get hit in the battle while the other one not on battle will also get hurt and vise versa and if either one of them faints the other will faint as well and the game ends.

When controlling the characters there are two options. At first both the characters are controlable where both will move the same directions and cannot be moved seperately. The other way is as the game progresses, The player will recieve an amulet which allows the player to control characters seperately.

In the battles, Either one of the princes will fight while the other is halted either by a scene or lies down. Sometimes both will fight each other or at different areas where events happen simultaneously. Each prince has a style of battle. For instance, Jornne has the ability to attack, defend, use magic, run and use items. Jornne's magic is light and doubles the damage when striking it against dark enemies.

Thorne however has limited moves as the only thing Thorne can do is attack and use magic and cannot do the same other features like Jornne. However his offence and defence stats are higher than him. His dark moves are doubled when facing holy enemies.

In some cases players can use fast track which allows players to focus on one character at times. For example, in case of the outside area, when using fast track, he can go to an area, buy items, use items, etc while on battles, the player can use fast track for attacks, magic, recovery etc without the player doing it manually. More characters will be playable but only in the battle area.
As the game progresses the Goblin bracelet will be given to Thornne which has the ability to swap stats with Jornne. Other badges can also be usable but only one badge can be used at a time.

It is to be made for the 3DS. How is it?

#4951601 Why won't this arcade game work?

Posted by Cap'n VG on 21 June 2012 - 09:57 PM

My friend says that this game will not work as an arcade and it is nearly frustrating. So I want to know the flaws of my game. pls note that this is just the beta of the game and if you guys feel that it should be completed I will make the full version of the game else I'll have to scrap it down.


This friend of mine is named Dan who used to be here in this forum but I guess you know that.

#4873977 Value of a master's degree?

Posted by Cap'n VG on 18 October 2011 - 11:16 AM

I don't know why so many people prefer to do a master degree. I mean for jobs like this, its all based on talent. If you know how to make game, don't waste your time doing a degree. Its only gonna make matters worse. Then if you want to suddenly do PHD? Just motivate them to hire you by using whatever creativity you have. Sheesh

I hate this B.sc and I want to do BA but I can't. The degree is useless because It only provides jobs around my country and I hate my country. I want to make games for a wider audience. I can't believe I have to spend another two years just to get a powerful degree.

Many people enjoy school. It doesn't look like you are one of them.

Really? You mean school as in grade school or high school?

Either way I won't agree with it. If anyone was interested in school, then they would get high grades which irritates me often. Cause every school has a student who holds the high scores. What is so fun in learning the basics? It is only the basics that determine a person what he would want to be.

Still like you said even after a master's degree, you still won't get a career as a game designer. But that makes me wonder why bother doing a degree even after knowing that you still won't get game career.

#4787311 Its not just a game... Its art!

Posted by Cap'n VG on 17 March 2011 - 09:13 PM

If you ask me, art for a game designer simply tells how the designer wants the characters the levels and the entire game to be according to his vision.Some game designers wouldn't care much of the art but more of the game play instead.Some may not be good artists but would hire an artist to make the art great in case the actual game isn't an original concept like Braid for instance.