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Cap'n VG

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a side scrolling action game concept

21 January 2015 - 11:52 AM

                                                                               Cop Ken

Title of the game : Cop Ken


Author of the game: Paarth Gururajan


Publisher : N/A


Developer : StarWorks


Genre: Action, Side-Scrolling,


Audience: It’s targeted for handheld gamers both casual and hard core from age 13 onwards.


Game Concept: A cop is assigned to do missions through time travel. He is very strong and death is impossible to happen to him.


Game Mechanics: You start with a cop named Ken Clops who at first is unarmed. He is extremely powerful and cannot be defeated. The goal is to guide Ken to the end of the level as quickly as possible. To do this, the player has to avoid obstacles and enemies that push Ken as far as possible. Ken can use his melee attack to break obstacles or destroy enemies. The more Ken is hit, the further he will be pushed away. The reward the player gets when completing a mission depends on how much time and how much damage the player has done during that mission. If the player accidently destroys certain number of buildings by being pushed, the player’s position will go down by one. If the player does a side quest during a mission, he will be allowed to choose a weapon of his choice. For instance, the player can use a teleport that allows Ken to re spawn to a location where the teleport can support regardless of how far Ken is. But if he destroys certain number of buildings, he loses the authorization of a weapon the player has used most until he successfully completes the next mission with a few or no buildings destroyed.

There are three medals per level and each medal has its own levels of destination for the player. These medals are earned depending on how fast the player completes a mission. If the player has a gold medal, Ken will be assigned to a harder mission which changes the path to the story. If the player gets a Silver medal, Ken will be assigned to complete a mission with normal difficulty. If the player gets a Bronze Medal, Ken will be assigned to complete an easy mission. If the player fails to get any of the medals after completing a mission, Ken will be suspended and will not be able to complete two missions forcing Ken to stay at home and watch TV, read comic books, play games, do chores under his mother’s orders or sleeping as part of a humour sceneary.


When facing a Boss at some point, the player has to chase the boss to catch him. Once caught, the player must defeat the boss head on without Ken taking too much damage otherwise, Ken will be pushed away and the boss will flee.

The story also depends on what mission Ken is assigned to do. Because of this, there are various endings the player can get.



What to do to fulfill my dreams?

08 December 2014 - 11:51 AM

I have just made two games as of now and have started writing stories to improve on my writing skills. And now I'm currently doing an Intern based around websites (which I don't like but I'm forced to do it anyway) and see where that goes.
The problem here is that even with these accomplishments, my brother claims that every game designer is a programmer and I am poor in understanding programming not because I don't like it but because I can't understand the complex coding and such. So if I can't do programming, how can I do game design? I understand that it takes a long time to do it but I'm trying to figure out what I'm good at and I'm only good with so little and I have no idea where to begin.
I'm doing story writing which is working quite well but I don't know how that can get me into the game industry. I'm basically in India and India from what I've heard from my friends and relatives is not much into gaming and that either Singapore or US is the safe bet there. 
So I'm really depressed so much to the point that I play games to relive myself out of depression and try to write my stories and make my third game happen, but after my brother tells me that even this isn't enough, I don't know what is.

Can this RPG mechanic work?

04 December 2014 - 10:31 AM

I've played RPG games and majority of them are pretty much the same. So I want to do something new to the genre.



Title of the game: Touche


copyright information:n/a



Game concept: The game is a puzzle rpg game which involves two main characters though some others will be playable as well but not major.



Demographic:The game is focused mainly for those who love  role playing games and for those who wish see something new  with the unique game mechanics.



Feature set:

1.Control two characters with one solving puzzles and the other battling in this RPG.

2.Why not let the one solve puzzles recover...So the one fighting can recover!

3.Use fast track option so that the one in need can be focused more!



Game mechanics: It is an RPG game as well as puzzle based. At first players control Prince Jornne and Prince Thornne who have their own paths.



When controlling the characters there are two options. At first both the characters are controlable where both will move the same directions and cannot be moved seperately. The other way is as the game progresses, The player will recieve an amulet which allows the player to control characters seperately. various events will occur depending on which prince is being played. When shopping, players can swap the items from one prince to another and swap money as well by using the fusion belt which is received later on in the game.



In the battles, both  princes will fight two enemies. Sometimes both will fight each other or at different areas where events happen simultaneously. Each prince has a style of battle. For instance, Jornne has the ability to attack, defend, use magic, run and use items. Jornne's magic is light and doubles the damage when striking it against dark enemies.



Thorne however can do the same things as what Jornne does. However his offence and defence stats are higher than him. His dark moves are doubled when facing holy enemies.


During the battle modes, the player controls both the princes in battle. The prince who touches a monster gets to face the monster whereas the other prince gets to face phantom pirates who are just a clone of the monsters but are more darker and carry swords . Monsters when defeated give exp whereas Phantom Pirates when defeated give money.  When one of the main princes faints, the monsters will merge with the phantom pirates doubling their strength forcing the other prince to fight them both but if the enemies are defeated, the other prince gets both exp and money whereas the one who faints doesn’t although he can still fight in the next battle and can still be moved in the outside area.


As the game progresses, Thornne will obtain the Fusions Bolt which allows players to swap stats between the two princes such as Attack, Defense, HP, Magic,Luck and Leveling up as well during both battles and outside areas.



In some cases  the player can use fast track for attacks, magic, recovery etc without the player doing it manually. 

What are the qualifications required to work/ in Japanese game companies?

27 May 2014 - 10:25 AM

I love Nintendo and my dream job is to work exclusively for Nintendo. But I know for a fact that getting there is beyond hard and I know for someone like me to get there needs to learn Japanese both written and spoken. But besides that, I want to know if there are foreign people that do end up working in Japan and if possible, how do they get there. Or how by any means a Western developer partners with a Japanese developer?


Do game designers need to use the computer to work?

20 January 2014 - 05:27 AM

My parents complain that I use too much of the comp and play games too much. I only play games for only about 2-3 hrs max per day but I use the comp a lot because I need to use it for not only my college works but also for my future career. So I want to know if for being a game designer, do you need to spend a lot of time in the computer making assets for video games or something? Or better yet, does a game designer really need to spend hours in the computer working?