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Is it wrong to like c++ more than c#? Oh well, still using both... Updated 03 May · 0 comments

About Me

I go by the name of Zeypher which spans across many other forums and wiki across the internet. (Depends which name is available tho) I've started any game development with the user friendly RPG Maker since its 95+ stages which I've later upgraded to 2000, 2K3, XP and currently VX. Limited experience with programming with Ruby though. (Just a simply understanding) Since I've started using the program, I've gain a big interest in programming video games. Thus is the reason why I'm in college for Game Art & Design now! Even before it's inception, I was always fascinated with video games. My first system was with Sega Genesis as I was playing Sonic the Hedgehog at the tender age of six. From there only grew to other consoles like SNES, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Xbox 360. Although I love many genres of games, I partically interested in RPGs since my friend introduce me to Final Fantasy. I've master titles from FFV up until FFXIII with other titles in between. I even went back to FFI and FFII thanks to porting into PSP and emulation/roms of FFIV, FFV, and FFVI. That became my reason to try out RPG Maker for it combine my interest in programming as well as RPGs.


As I'm in college, I work with various programs on my own time to get a hang of the programming languages. Such as Game Maker (GML), C/C++, Flash, Javascript, and Ruby. As programming is not my greatest trait YET, I've work on other aspect of the game development like level designing, 2D and 3D character design using 3D Studio Max and Maya as well Mudbox. This has help me gained a better idea of producing a game that I've envision since 2003 that I've currently entitled as Eternal Remien. (Subject to change) I've worked on concept drawing of each of my characters, references images for 3D Studio Max. I'm also using RPG Maker VX as my prototype simply so I can get my ideas out on something that I can creatively change, adapt to and upgrade. Although it's not exactly my vision, it's a start which is why I am learning other languages that suit me and how I want to program my game. When I'm not programming, designing, and drawing for my game, I've also produce my own music for my game or other original tracks. It's mostly being produce by myself, but it's nice if I can get some help. I plan to join a gaming industry/team to learn more in depth knowledge and work together so I can eventually start up my own company and release Eternal Remien officially. Still a ways away, but it's a dream that I will achieve one day.


Anyway, that pretty much covers everything about me. Feel free to message me...

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    I also love programming, designing and playing video games.

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