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In Topic: What Pose For Realistic 3D Human (Cloth) Scanning (For Animation)?

Yesterday, 04:52 AM

I agree retopo is always necessary, but that's still far less work than manual modeling from scratch. (Manual modeling may include some retopo steps as well e.g. for different LODs)

The cloth issue can usually be handled during retopo es well, but the modeller needs experience and final technical details should be known upfront, e.g. one or multiple wrinkle maps, full cloth simulation for some pieces etc.


Depends on the requirements. A low detail human model for a game with a camera set further away can be sculpted at break neck speed. I am talking about single digit hours here. Maybe takes the same time as scanning a human and clean up the result. Maybe even less, if you need multiple takes for the scan. And you certainly need no reallife model or expensive hardware for that.


This character took me 6 hours to finish the sculpt... yes, its kinda "low-fi" for an isometric view, but I am nowhere near a professional artist. I would bet an artist could churn out something of that quality in half the time if needed:




How long will a single session of scanning take, especially if you also want to drape the clothing correctly? 1 Hour? 2 Hours? How long does postprocessing take? Will you be able to use the scanned result directly, or do you need to sculpt adjustments to it?



A more complex sculpt for a character model usable for close ups will of course take far longer. Here a scan can certainly help.... though at that point I doubt you want to work with scanned clothing. That will not give you a clothing model that is flexible and animatable enough for the use case. A handcrafted clothing model from a tool like "marvellous designer", and physics driven animation will work better here.

So I am questioning a little bit what is the use case for this scanning project.

In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

Yesterday, 04:34 AM

Seems like an appropriate time to post this:




An extremly well made summary on how they he has risen to power. Still today, even here in europe many people don't get the fact that a) the germans were not more antisemitic than about every other country in the world, antisemtism was just more en vogue back then, b) the germans didn't want a war... they just wanted to find a way out of their economic crisis, and they were angry about the treatment of germany after WW1, which, in hindsight, WAS pretty unfair given there wasn't a single nation that didn't contribute on WW1 breaking out in europe, really. Germans might have "fired the first shot", but military leaders all over europe were excited about a new war, and politic leaders and the general public were misguided by raging nationalism.

And to be honest, "the first shot" wasn't fired by germany, it was fired on an austrian royal. If it was staged or not AFAIK is not clear to this day.


So the whole situation after WW1 was one big F*CKUP by ALL of europe not having learned a single bit from the bloody war they just got out of.



What I find more important is how many potential dictators seem on the rise currently, mimicking this slow and steady way of gaining power instead of the classic military coup. Erdogan comes to mind, which just had his "fire in the Reichstag"... no matter who set the fire... errh started the failed coup, he seems hell bent on using that to finally get the absolute power he worked towards for so many years.

Putin seems to do something similar, just at a slower pace, using more external than interal enemies as a tool to further his power.


What will happen if Trump gets to power? Is he smart enough to start similar maneuvers to stretch his power beyond what he should have? Is he able to to that in the US as it is today? If not, what has to happen to the US to make it possible? More mass immigration? A flailing economy? A senate that completly locks down the political process once more?



I fear the amount of protest voters in the US is a an all time high, there is no other way Trump could have become the leading candidate with all he has said and done (or NOT done, like paying for his own campaign). These same protest voters could do it once again, IF Trump is not just a big fan of Putin, but wants to follow his example.


Really hope Trump is just a little insane as some people think he is, and not as smart AND egocentric as some other dictators that rose to power in the last few years.

In Topic: How Would I Go About Creating My Dream Game?

Yesterday, 02:21 AM

Okay. Great that you finally found the motivation to download a game engine and start your journey.



Now put that idea you have on the Backburner for some years, and get down to business... and currently that means learning the basics. Learn to program, learn how to use the Unity Editor, learn how to create simple art. Create Pong, or PacMan, or Tetris Clones. Forget about 3D Graphics first, that is a HUGE topic as of itself.


Then move to more complex games, say Super Mario Clones. Maybe you come up with your own simple ideas along the way to spice up your cloning training routine?



In some years, if you keep doing that, you will have become somewhat competent at programming, and have some finished games to show. They might not be the prettiest thing in the world, but they are the proof that you have achieved something and gathered expierience.


Now, decide what you want to do:

1) Do you want to dive into 3D Games yourself, and learn how to create 3D objects? Add some additional years of learning.

2) Do you want to dive into 3D Games, but you can live with using stock or free art? You should still learn some 3D Modelling skills, you will need to get your hands dirty with some of those downloaded object.

3) Do you want to Team up to get there faster? That is a very sane idea, given the amount of time you will spend for learning art skills, and having to do everything by yourself.

BUT: Hobbyist Teams are fickle. You need to be VERY careful with whom to Team up IF you are really serious about results (if its just for learning, team up with whomever you like... you are guaranteed to learn one thing or another, mostly what does NOT work in a Team :) ). You need to be VERY careful on how to run a team (these are unpaid volunteers, so treat them as such).

On the other hand finding good hobbyists ready to Team up with you is not easy, the people with skills most probably are already busy doing their own thing or have found a Team.



Last bit of advice: Never, EVER compare your work to AAA games. Bad practice, will only get you depressed. Even if you would be the most insanly skilled game dev in the world, working a 5 times the speed of the next best devs, you couldn't produce the same result as a Team of 100 expierienced devs.


Let Uncharted be uncharted. Your game might not have as naturally looking characters, it might not have as beautyful vistas, hell it might lack any textures at all and have extremly simplified lighting. But its something new and different.

In Topic: RPG Style Game. Every Position Needed!

28 July 2016 - 05:21 AM

You should probably mention your expierience level in game development, and prior work (if there is any) so people interested in joining up get the right picture.

Yes, that means less people might be interested in joining if you have zero expierience and no prior work to show. The ones that do though are on the same page, thus you will have less struggles with the team later on when you run into your first few newbie mistakes (everyone does at first).

On the other hand, if you DO have prior expierience and ideally some finished games under your belt, giving that information will attract a different group of people interested in joining a team.


Just my 2 cents...



Good luck with your project...

In Topic: Stackoverflow And Money

28 July 2016 - 03:38 AM

Not so enormous for me, but then I live and work in Switzerland, which is the country with most probably the highest cost of living in the world (besides cities like London).



On the other hand, if you factor in the totally missing social security system in the US, and the crap work contracts you get there, a higher income is actually just making up for the difference in benefits.

(like 2 weeks of notice if you are fired... its 3 months here in switzerland most of the time, depending on your contract and the amount of years working for a company, could easely be around 6 months, sometimes those are 6 months paid without having to work at your old company anymore, or at least your are allowed to look for a new job on the old companys payroll).



Now, what is skill level 2 exactly? Because I have seen a quite large discrepancy in what a developer, and senior developer can expect being paid.... Senior can get 25-30% more without a problem.

Then this seems to be a national average. Keep in mind that in some areas developers might make a ridicolous amount of money, driving the national average up. Just tick the checkbox and you see what I mean. The fact that the biggest employers for software devs tend to be located in these areas, thus they employ a quite large portion of the develoeprs in the US, of course skews the picture even more.


I would bet if you find a job with a small software development house in Utah or Texas, you can slash at least 25% off that salary, if not more.




EDIT: Oh, do I read "London" in the checkbox description? Is this meant to be a worldwide average? Then I have to question what countries besides the US and UK are included, because I know there are a ton of developers in India and the CIS Region, and they have WAY lower incomes there.