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#5016947 Small Novice Dev Group looking for advice.

Posted by on 02 January 2013 - 09:04 PM

I know there has to be thousands of "Where to start?" threads. Well this is sorta one of them but more refind. A couple friends and myself have decided we want to make a type of platform game using the XNA platform. There are 3 of us all together and we all plan to have a main part in the developement as well as doing other minor parts. I am the Lead Programmer of the group, the others two are focusing on art and design on the game. Like I stated we are all going to be working on all parts of the game together, we will just have our own specialties.


Now the problem lies with the fact that we are all VERY new. I am not a programmer at all. I do however have some basic knowledge on the subject and I am curently working through learning python. From thier I plan on going into C# and XNA. How is this a problem? Well without me programing straight away my 2 friends have nothing to really work for. (If I am not mistaken) I will be the one putting everything together and making it work. So sure they can make the art, animations, sounds and music. But they won't have anything to really show for it until I am finished with my studies.


One of our dev members wanted me to ask this on here. Mainly because of the above and because we are all new to Game developement itself, and the programs needed to make games.



Don't know why but my Third Paragraph (Suppose to be before the last one) didn't post with this, or I deleted it by mistake and posted. Regardless see my other post for what I was trying to ask...