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#5029623 Is this game worth saving?

Posted by on 06 February 2013 - 09:13 PM

About half a year ago, I had what could easily be discribed as an overly ambitious project idea. A hybrid top down shooter and RTS.

I made a prototype to get feedback on, then released a full version. it had some encouraging comments and suggestions, but it had only a few hundred views and did not leave judgement on Kongregate for weeks.

I was disappointed that nobody saw it, but since the comments indicated that those who did see it liked it. so, I did a graphics makeover, added new features and tried my best at the time to polish it up.

that version is here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/600111

this time went a little better, but newgrounds went down for maintenance almost immediately after I posted it, and caused some sort of lagging glitch that hurt the initial reception.

after initial bug fixes and minor improvements I left it alone. 3 months of solid work ended up getting far fewer views than the simple games I could make in a few weeks.

I keep finding myself looking back at it, pondering how to improve it, and recently noticed that over the last half year it's score has crept up to 4/5.

it makes me wonder if I should pick it back up, polish it, improve it, and release a final version. but I also worry that it might turn out exactly the same way again.

so, I was wanting to ask; is this game worth trying again on, and what can I do to help give it the best chance of success if I do?