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In Topic: I Can't Properly Rotate The Enemy To Look At Me All The Time.

Yesterday, 05:56 PM

So you shouldnt use angles for that i wont explain whys that. Just vreate a rotation matrix since you will know 2 vectors you are all good firt vector is front enemy-player, second one is the up vector with these two normalized you make cross product and end wirh side vector if front and up aint parallel (i might use wrong word) then you need to normalize that cross product .build a mat out of these 3 vectors and aply it to enemy object simple as hell

In Topic: Billboards Problems

Yesterday, 05:06 PM

You could extract modelview matix of your camera amd get screen coord up and right vectors in notime

In Topic: Rotating Camera

Yesterday, 05:04 PM

Sorry if im wrong but if rhand sys y is up the equation is like following x = radius*sin(@);
z = radius*cos(@); that gives you a relative vector in direction lets aay wherecamera should look at (point) then you use math to create view mattrix like described in glulookat code if you need more information then reply ;0

In Topic: you all say oculus rift but why not google glass?

Yesterday, 04:42 PM

Google should sell glass again without its features, giving ability for us to program gpu on it if its there. The only reason im asking it is because they stopped selling it plus they made the funxtionality wrong. I rather dont want to say what i could make with this if it had only ability to render with gpu , use its gyro and have ability to connect external radio positioning device but its my dream, too bad i dont know how to make such tiny things. The original second question was how do they build such layers, not how they are designed.

In Topic: i keep buying games and they're not what i expected

17 July 2016 - 01:33 PM

a bit off topic but i have the same with movies, i'll never go to the cinema again. waste of time and money