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Mirabilia - stopmotion platformer shooter

19 July 2014 - 03:53 AM


I am working on a platformer shooter with stopmotion animation, and am looking for a developer to collaborate with.

This is the page for the game - www.facebook.com/mirabiliagame.


And the GDD: http://dox.bg/files/dw?a=fcd3decdfa


"Mirabilia": Feedback much appreciated

28 December 2013 - 12:31 PM

Good day to everyone!

I am working on a steampunk-themed platformer. First there are a few points i want to stop at:

1. I am not going to post everything at once, just to make it easier for the feedback to come through. I've seen this "walls of text", and that is really confusing smile.png
2. In this post I will outline the basics of the world, and if everything goes okay, will proceed to other aspects - flora, fauna and the story itself.
3. It was a great fun imagining a whole world smile.png

And a few words about my background - I have an Art degree, but am currently working as a game tester. Thats not my dreamjob, the Indie path is closer to my heart smile.png Hopefully its not going to be too emotional to say also, that this story is a very important part of my future. So - as in the Topic Title - Feedback much appreciated. Hope you have a good read:)


The Planet
On the top, as much as is explored the planet is one big desert, but the mapping teams that were sent, never returned. After a few tries, a safe zone that noone leaves with a 100km radius was established around the City.Most of the living spieces adapted to survive unerground, which suggests that whatever change there was - it was either natural, or happened very slow.

The "City"
The inhabitants, that lived there in the past came from the sky to settle down.Than a hole opened under the city, destroying their civilisation. The last survivor was able to launch all the LIVE boxes before the old "City" was almost destroyed, making these boxes the lucky shot of the present culture.
A custom emerged because of the skills that people developed, during this hard period of time. Every Cityzen, armed with the basic knowledge and skills for survival, starts his life alone with a LIVE! box, that takes care of his basic needs. When a certain level of physical and mental skill is achieved, (measured by the same box), he/she is allowed to come back to the community.

The University
This is the building that in the past contained the LIVE! boxes. After the "Hole accident", the survivors that arrived on site used it for shelter. But there was something more, that held them in this place - the hole under the University was the entry to the caves - and therefore food and water. After few generations, the University became a symbol for the establishment, and the new civilization completely settled down on the spot.
The inhabitants started building houses around it, and moved out. The building turned into a center of science and culture. Big part of it was reconstructed, laboratories were created, the people started exploring the flora and fauna of the planet. This was a time of great cultural progress.
After that, the Steam Syndicate took over. Their idea is that only a few men can properly rule the City. They slowly, and intentionally separated the social class to rich and poor, creating tention inbetween. Therefore, the building of the University became a symbol of greed and power over the people.That's why everybody hated it. And that's why the University had to be surrounded by a wall 4 meters high.

The Reactor
After the new civilisation established, at the bottom of the hole they found out the lava, which turned to be a great energy source. The Reactor's purpose is to extract the melted stone, and use its energy for heating a humongous tanks of underground water, which City uses for its needs. Relatively small part of the water is used to produce electricity, which only the upper class and the University uses.

Afterwards, there are 9 plants that I would like to present, so you get the idea for the cousine of the population, what materials they have available, and so on. While i was writing the post, a question came to my mind - is it better to post everything at once, so you get a better picture for the world from the beginning, or not?


Stopmotion jump n' run

13 April 2011 - 11:40 AM

Hello to everyone, this is my first post (hopefully not the last one). I will start with a little background, to explain what exactly i try to do.
So, i am 3rd yr student in arts,(i study painting, drawing and sculpture) studied a bit photography and graphic design before that, and familiar with photoshop (because sometimes you have to make some money :D ).

So, before a few months i had an idea about a MMO game, ofcourse far beyond my possibilities :). After that i talked with a few more people, and finally we shrinked down the idea to a stop motion jump n' run game for Android. Something like Cletus Clay, but far more dark and mechanised. Right now we're in the middle of the concept, but i dont want the whole project to stuck after that, so i am making a research for the technical parts of it.

I want to ask, if you can tell me a software suitable for this needs..I have checked out the Unity game development tool, but its far away from my understanding,so i dont know if it really fits. The problem is that i cannot start searching for people who are writing on the program, before i know which one it is...:)

Thanks in advance for ur answers :)