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James Proctor

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#4820354 OpenSimulator or Multiverse for MMO ?

Posted by on 06 June 2011 - 08:44 PM


Anone built a MMO with them?
Do you know any other frameworks like them?

I'm looking for free MMO engines with some distributed computing support too.. :D

What, in particular, do you need your game to do? Building a MMO Game consists of both "game" parts and "mmo" parts, and most "mmo-specific" solutions have less robust "game" parts.
If my game would never have more than a hundred players in the same room/zone/city/whatever at any one time, then I'd probably just build the game on top of an existing engine (Unity, UDK, etc).

There are many MMO "frameworks" with various degrees of adoption and success:
- Hero engine (mid-market)
- Bigworld (expensive)
- Darkstar (seems to have dropped off the face of the earth when Oracle canned it)
- planeshift.it (open source)
- openNEL (open source)

HeroCloud is now completely free for development. They host your game for you during development and then once your ready to go live they give you a hosting package which is a little expensive but it's about what Blizzard pays for their Servers. Each Physical Server which can host about 2,500 players at once and a land mass of 100 square kilometers costs about $6,000 per month for bandwidth and everything.