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Game A Week Self Challenge > Postmortem Week 4 (Naughty or Nice)

Posted 08 December 2013

For this month all the games I make for the game a week will be holiday themed.
I was successful in creating a game this week. The game is based on the premise that Santa is very busy this holiday season and asks that you help him check a small part of the list. The player is given a situation and they have to determine if the child was Naughty or Nice. I...

Game A Week Self Challenge > Postmortem Week 3 (Panda Express)

Posted 03 December 2013

First off, Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone.

This week was very limited in the time I had to designate towards working on my Game A Week Challenge. Nevertheless I tried to complete as much I could and was fairly successful, though the game was not artistically. I would rank the game to the challenge as failed though.

The game in question is about...

Game A Week Self Challenge > Postmortem Week 2 (Tower Demo)

Posted 23 November 2013

Hello again,
This week I created a tower destruction game. The premise of the game is very simple, you have three people/ogres. Each one can carry one explosive to the spot clicked by the user (only along the x coordinate plane). The squad would rush over and place the explosive and return behind the cover before detonating the explosive. If all three exp...

Game A Week Self Challenge > Postmortem Week 1 (Ant Farm)

Posted 17 November 2013

For this week I decided to create a game where the user controlled ants in the process of making an Ant Farm. The game was to be built in
C++ using SDL. It was a 2D game where the user starts with a Queen ant. The goal of the game is to give instructions to the ants to create a sustained colony. I wanted to allow the ants to dig and the user be abl...

Game A Week Self Challenge > Start of Game a Week Challenge

Posted 15 November 2013

*DISCLAIMER* I am fairly new to writing journals about my coding so bear with me

I have started a game of week challenge this week and will continue on for the foreseeable future. The idea is for me to improve my skills as a programmer and designer, while developing games in a short amount of time. The rules for the self appointed challenge are:
I can us...