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In Topic: Respect for the player. Forgetting violence fetishism. Exploration. Notgame?

20 July 2014 - 05:29 PM

I'm pretty fond of the idea of playing with physics. I feel like so many games touch on physics or play at implementing physics however orbital physics is a true challenge to fly and use. Even just exploring the use of orbital mechanics to sling shot or decelerate from extreme speeds on the approach to a solar system could be pretty exciting. What types of thrust and ways of moving through space and time have you been thinking of exploring? 


The super complicated thrust based control system of Star Citizen is very impressive though I think it's a bit of an engineers wet dream more so then a players. Since for the player all it really means is figuring out the limitations it presents. I'm not sure what types of controls your game would present to the player to navigate the universe but I would seriously mull over the ways the player could/would do this as this represents the way your player connects with your presentation and is the way the player expresses and communicates their feelings about the experience which can even be deciding factor on the directions the game takes as you prototype the project. 

In Topic: Respect for the player. Forgetting violence fetishism. Exploration. Notgame?

20 July 2014 - 11:15 AM

Unlike you're design this project stills adheres to a lot of the basics found in other games, many of your ideas remind me of the game No Man's Sky currently in production by Hello Games. If you haven't seen it already you should take a look at that project and consider how you want to differ from that ambitious project. I'd imagine sharing your game related influences and explaining how you want your project to stand out would help get more pointed feedback.


I'm personally curious. What is the player's character? Can you describe this organic entity?


I'm not entirely sure what the player is challenged with in your game design. However I'd like to point out that, its simple to assume combat games are just "warporn" it's important to note the challenge of achieving victory in combat has a goal that reaches beyond combat and deals with conflict at its core. Sun Tsu the Art of War describes the ideal strategy as "taking whole" or the idea of reaching victory beyond combat by knowing victory over conflict itself instead of just knowing victory over your "enemy". Although it's hard to see this in most combat games, it exists in all of them. We learn a lot about a person by "fighting" them. In a game that doesn't explicitly explore war directly, you might think you are somehow above it. But conflict is what makes our universe interesting to explore and is at the heart of any challenge and even puzzle. If the player has control over any physical matter in the game, they will be exploring conflict in an attempt to "leave their mark". To respect humans as emotional is to respect our "lower brain" or the more conflict prone part of our brain that evolved earliest. That part of our brain will do anything to survive. Be sure to consider that in your design.


Respect players by knowing that they game to meet challenge safely but still crave the raw intensity of it feeling dangerous.

In Topic: Closing the loop: player death in a schmup?

13 July 2014 - 10:14 AM

Instead of creating a linear level design, why not build a dynamic AI to mix up the episodes a bit. Use perma death as a method of making the level design more dynamic. When the PC dies, the player starts the level again with enemies rearranged, treating the location of the death as a boss location. When the player beats the boss they "rescue" the other pilot (where they last died) keeping their "squadron" alive. This would essentially be an in-fiction numbered lives system. You could explore branching paths as well, enabling the player to choose a different path to earn special weapons to fight the bosses. 


Perma death could mean the player gets a stronger connection to the characters that make up the squadron and make "death" one of the episodes dynamic challenges which means players won't just role back to old saves when they "fail". 

In Topic: How do you get ideas for new games?

10 July 2014 - 08:55 PM

I find things I want to play with.

In Topic: Combos for shooters

06 July 2014 - 11:52 AM

Could explore bullet deflections off surfaces as well (a la Metal Gear Solid Ocelot battle).


I always thought it would be fun to have a weapon reload animation that seconds as a melee combat, a timing skilled melee. For example shoving the clip in an enemies mouth and pistol wiping him in the face to load the clip. 


Getting a multiplier for piling enemies in the same spot would be kind of fun. Maybe against a robot enemy, piling them on a conveyor belt that dumps all the busted junk into a garbage trash compactor. The Sarah Connor multiplier.


Could use a multiplier for knocking back an enemy with a weapon, switching to another weapon while the enemy is stunned and knocking them back again and again with new weapons. The more weapons the player uses on the same enemy the higher the multiplier. The Whole Arsenal multiplier.


Rhythm based combat could be fun, killing to the beat, not only skill shots but landing the shots to the rhythm of bad-ass tunes.


The all too common remote controlled projectile, the batman games have this as do many shooters. The electricity weapon you spoke of could be a timed event requiring the player to pick enemies to chain the electricity to which an ever diminishing amount of time as it hits each individual or group of enemies.


Plenty of TPS action games give combos for air juggling. Bayonnetta comes to mind, again I haven't played it. Apparently this is a part of Bulletstorm as well.


Arena Commander the first module released for Star Citizen scores players for making skilled shots. Its a space sim but its first person as well and since each ship is comprised of litterally dozens of individual system  and multiple sections of the ship that can be disabled and destroyed the player is awarded for "taking their enemy apart" or hitting key systems. 


Kill streak combos and perks like Call of Duty


Environment kill combos, where the player is awarded for using destructible or triggered event involving the environment to make kills.


Slow down time, each kill slows down time, but each kill needs to be a bigger chain or a higher scored skill kill which could include anything above.