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In Topic: Game idea based around the theme "Jelly"

16 January 2015 - 03:30 PM

Gray goo but with an inverted perspective where the player is the goo. Very trendy.

In Topic: Alternative for levels and other time based resources.

12 January 2015 - 11:31 AM

Depending on the rest of the game's design philosophy and what you're attempting to bring to players. One perspective you could explore is interdependence. You could explore use based skills easy to track these with multi-point scale graphing (could be in game or for dev use) player will focus on areas of expertise allowing them to accomplish certain tasks with great ease, while other tasks or objectives with multiple tasks will require a team or shift in game play focus to complete. This still uses a level system but since its 'use based' the impermanence of unused skills scales them back creating a dependence on other players who've focused in that area. Using in fiction visual feedback to express not only skill focus but skill level could do away with the usual number based depiction of excellence. I was mostly referring to a role playing or action game but this can also carry over to RTS or more tactical games. Making certain types of strategic combat (guerrilla, spam, tech up, etc) a skill focus and making a focus on one type of strategy open up abilities that apply to that style of strategy. Like a use based tech tree.


I think some amount of lvl progression has to exist as I see this as a part of every game's exploration. Even if it's just unlocking different combinations of controls. 

In Topic: Game Design Theory: Smartphone MMO Strategy Game

29 November 2014 - 12:28 PM

Maybe try a different look at strategy, maybe high level strategy. As you said, offline time is key. I'd use this to field the best army you can, not just resources but refining (upgrading resources), unit construction, unit refining (upgrading with items and training), use of veteran units (to train new units or upgrade into command units as a teamed combat unit) and researching new tech. Like most touch screen games these choices are made during play then a time tells the player how long until these choices are available.


Online gameplay, intelligence (after fielding spies and recon units) the player uses these units to identify threats at the location their sovereign (commander, government, corporate head, etc) is requesting them to ascertain. A rough estimate (based on quality of recon units) of enemy activity indicates the position's level of risk. Battle. Split into offensive and defensive. Defensive starts with dropping start positions for combat units choosing targets to defend and patrol paths. This is passive gameplay for other players to challenge. Offensive combat has the player dropping units start positions creating a primary and secondary objectives as well as a drawn path of attack. Units automaticly follow paths to achieve objectives. During combat play the player can choose their units and activate skills (special abilities). Obviously the aim is to win combat. My addition (units that aren't killed are captured and can be converted over time) making stealth and speed the key. After combat the player fields their next army.


Combat locations are based on match making and resource requirements.

In Topic: Vertically scrolling underwater game, what to use as background?

15 November 2014 - 07:15 PM

This might help.


I would focus on looped lighting, use water depth to alter the player's mood. Use underwater objects (ruins, rock formations, underwater vegetation) to creating a sense of pacing and speed (based on how close the items are to the player). I would use a semi dynamic populating of fish and other swimming things to make the levels feel less repetitive. 

In Topic: 2d vs. 3d: cost analysis

24 October 2014 - 11:41 PM

Haha you're right, I am confused. You argued me blue in the face when I made the suggestion to hire a concept artist, I then pointed out that his animation should be compelling and agreed with you to use 2D animation. I didn't disagree with your recommendation, you're the one that argued my post, line for line remember? Whether it was relevant to the topic or not. Since this thread is dead (other then us bickering) I'm not going to respond to it anymore. StarMire if you still have beef with my position, PM me. 


My claim was that given the circumstances Manderson99 described 2D would be cheaper. Hope that doesn't confuse anyone. This discussion isn't going to get more meaningful or productive. Good luck on the project Manderson99.