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Reference gathering - Robot to save the earth!

23 February 2014 - 01:28 PM

Hey, its easy to go looking for reference but what I find appealing and what all you beautiful people find appealing might not match up. It's important that my designs reach for a broader sense of appeal. That's where you friendly folk can help. I'll start this thread really open ended. I'll refine this a bit more later. As we gather gems together.


I'm looking for images and ideally videos of bipedal robots designed to save the world with the amazing agility and speed they have been designed with. Or parts and pieces mechanical or natural that are clearly designed for advanced ability to run, jump, and dive. I'm gathering movement as well, so videos of "perfect speed" of any kind. Thanks for your help!


Pat Benatar style! Hit me with your best shot(s).


Fire away.

The Zeitgeist Movement Game - Feedback

23 May 2013 - 01:09 AM

This post is to assess interest in the below game idea and not debate the validity of the movement that inspired it. This is a design brief and isn't mean to layout all the detail of gameplay but give a loose structure in which gameplay mechanics could be built on. For anyone in the know about the movement they focus on an idea called a resource based economy which is a major focus for the game. I won't go into any length about the movement specifically because I'm sure if you're reading this you must know something about it already but if you don't please read on anyways as your opinion of the game design matters just as much. To put it in a nutshell however I'd best describe the ZM as an inclusive movement aiming to achieve a society less driven by unsustainable thinking that is normalized by our money driven frame of reference for survival.


The whole concept of a RBE or resource based economy can be found online (or hopefully in the game) however a few of the main ideals it focuses on are a moneyless society, less access restriction (ownership) with more of a library book mentality about products (everyone’s responsibility) using sustainable centralized production and distribution and recycling of goods and the most refined global resource tracking possible. To be clear, I'm not here to debate the validity of this theoretical societal structure, I'm here to know if the below game sounds fun and worth making. This information is to help facilitate the explanation of the game design. Clearly if you don’t agree with the ideals you might find the game hard to swallow but I would appreciate you giving it a chance before you make your choice.


The game: Players take the role of an ambitious career activist, aiming to see a RBE come true. Since the idea of a RBE is a global endeavour the game would span a simplified version of our planet and turn it into a toy to play at being an activist in. Set in the modern day, I would simplify the world with up to three cities on each continent, populated by no more than 100 characters in each city meant to represent the region's people, culture and potential. Like the world, the character communication would be simplified as well, using symbols (like Simglish in The Sims) allowing the player's character to interact personally with NPCs of the cities as well as digitally as player's attempt to tie NPC members to their own movement (much like the ZM).

The player is challenged with connecting with their city, to discover technical projects and attempt to actually build them to gain attention for their movement. The game would explore known monetary and political traps but most of all players will be challenged with spreading the word and achieving the amount of involvement required to even start any of these projects. The goal is to persuade, entice and inspire the right people to move towards creating each technical project, achieving the needed resources and the right individuals to make it happen. Then lastly the ultimate step, informing and involving the world and taking the technical steps the world needs to achieve an RBE all the while standing up to the historical conflicts, the obvious backlash of the money in power as well as the dynamic events that shape the planet and its people. The win condition will be the removal of money from the world's social structure and the implementation of a technically realized RBE actively achieving access abundance.


To be clear, the title of the post indicates that this is a ZM game when in reality it’s at best a RBE game but mostly just a game about an activist for a technical society over a money society. However given the inclusive nature of the ZM and its inspiration to actively inform about this sort of an idea I felt it only fair to affiliate it to the movement.


If you chose "I want more info." Please post which areas of the game you're curious about or can't envision or PM me. Thanks for reading!


Time Bank

03 February 2013 - 05:43 PM

As a response to the other topic "Increasing development activity through GDnet" I'd like to suggest a time bank that would enable everyone to offer an alternate currency to encourage development. The details should probably be discussed as to the functionality of this idea, but something I would suggest is a negative interest rate over the stretch of the year, this would be for hours earned to ensure people cannot horde hours and encourage development of games. With the time sensitivity of a negative interest rate, the incentive to spend earned hours helps push development.


This could be a powerful tool for all digital developers beyond gaming however starting with gamedev is useful since so many designers here are looking for help and often have nothing to offer in return, offering a monetized sum of hours allows a designers to pay developers with something many of us covet and encourages them to earn hours by offering their own skills. This would work well along side the reputation rating since a person can also be rated based on their banked or owing hours.

What programmers want from a designer

23 September 2012 - 06:03 PM

Note:  This topic has been re-named to aid discovery through search, as it contains some valuable information.  The original title was "So you're a programmer?"



A question out to all the code-heads out there. I'd like to get a sense for what you as a programmer like to see out of designers to spend a few dozen/hundred hours on writing code for free. I'd also like to ignore the topic of the game design idea, we all want to build the next great game idea but I want to know the elements aside from money and design idea that has drawn you to a project. This post focuses on when you're reading the classifieds you're looking for something out of a team or the individuals to instill a sense of commitment and components to indicate a unified design idea but what are those components. In a priority list what matters to you?

I'll do a little addition to this to keep the post from continuing down the abyss-like spiral of venting frustrations, I'm sure its very cathartic for you all but this isn't meant to be the point of the post. I'm looking for positive experiences, constructive re-constructions of moments where you as a programmer have looked at a free project (no monetary incentive at all, money is for suckers anyways) and decided to join the project and what it was about that project that drew you to it. What are the classified "hooks" that matter to you? Fancy art, clean sound&music, that backdrop of a good story, team structure, learning possibilities, % completion etc. I'd like to know what you personally have been drawn to and why.

There is a wealth of knowledge here that is drilled into designers to suit the needs of the industry this post doesn't need anymore of this info (its all over the site if you need it) I've gotten a few decent answers but I'd really like to hear more personal experiences of useful situations for designers to add to their own toolbox.

Auto save feature for msgs

28 April 2012 - 04:13 PM

Not sure if this topic belongs here, but it would be a huge help if a user could be able to leave this site in the midst of writing an advert, msg or other text and have it auto saved. I'm not sure if this is a feature that can be achieved with this site but it would be rad. I just lost a big msg because of Firefox and I'm curious if an auto save or draft system could be added to keep that from happening. Thanks all.