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Super Untitled Game Demo

01 September 2014 - 11:29 AM

Greetings people,


I would like to share some exciting news with you all that a demo for our Contra-like game, Super Untitled Game, just got released!

Check out our first gameplay video here.

We are super excited to see what people think so give our demo a try and give us your brutally honest feedback!



Super Untitled Game has changed shape. The fighter has become a soldier of the future.
The setting is now a grim future in the year 2017, where alien invaders have laid waste to our planet and our population is decreasing rapidly.

The invaders steal our dead and mutate them into synthetic beings who will stop at nothing to eliminate us all.
But all is not lost!

Through advanced AI and robotics, combined with the minds of the worlds bravest soldiers, scientists have created a new breed of warriors; the VIKINGs.

These titanium warriors are the worlds last hope, their strength, speed and willpower will all be put to the test.
Will you face the challenge and save humanity?



Do you like our demo? Support us by visiting our IndieDB page and leave a review or comment!

"Super Untitled Game" pre-alpha demo

14 May 2014 - 09:10 PM

Im here looking for feedback on our early pre-alpha demo of our game, currently named: Super Untitled Game.


You can download the demo at our website here.


Looking forward to your feedback! Just bomb us with everything that's right or wrong with the game.

We're currently developing the game at a steady pace and will update the demo with a new build soon.

Once the new demo-build is up, i'll post an update right here in this thread, to let you guys know.


If you're having trouble launching the version with gamepad-support, then please try the keyboard-only version instead.