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Kaiju Combat

10 December 2012 - 08:39 PM

This project is interesting and relative to these forums because they have a transparency policy with their designing of the game. Most everything is designed and voted on by the pledgees of the campaign:

I've pitched in a monster myself and it's currently being developed. It's fun and it's an excellent opportunity to get your creativity recognized and onto established platforms like PC, XBox Live and PSN.

It's by the dudes that brought you Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, Godzilla: Unleashed and Godzilla: Save The Earth.

Gem Wars - Trailer 1

18 August 2012 - 07:15 PM

After 3 years in development, the game is just about ready to be shown. It's a strange mash-up of Smash Bros., Quake III Arena and Worms. What you get is a 2D multiplayer mayhem shooter.

1,000 ways to frag / 1,000 ways to die.

Any feedback is welcome.

Gem Wars: 2D Multiplayer Shooter Mayhem

18 December 2011 - 06:38 PM

Project Info:

A 2D platformer/shooter with elements from the fighting/party game genre. The fast-paced action of Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena, and while incorporating the playful platforming of feel of Super Smash Bros. and LittleBigPlanet.

You must equip your character to one-up the other players. You must master the 6 Lethal Arms (as well as the 4 elemental gems that modify your Lethal Arms-- for a total of 24 Lethal combinations), 8 Tactical Arms and 3 different pairs of Power Boots. The game includes various multiplayer game modes, including Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Super Gem (similar to Halo's "Oddball") and Mixed mode.


Mega Man Evolution (click here to watch video / click here to download demo)
Deathtojohnny (game designer) and Fenix (programmer) created this short demo many years ago. This small 2-level demo has enjoyed 100,000s of downloads since its release and has received an aggregate score of 4/5 stars.

Chaos Faction 2 (click here to play)
James O'Reilly provided the artwork for this game.




A beta version is currently available on the blog (uses placeholder artwork)

The final PC version release is scheduled for early-Summer 2012, while an XBox Live release is set shortly thereafter.


A glimpse at some of the characters currently available:

Posted Image

Any feedback is appreciated!

Gem Wars beta 2.0 available now!

23 May 2011 - 12:10 AM

Posted Image
Download Gem Wars beta 2.0

1000 ways to kill!
1000 ways to die!

Gem Wars is a 2D platformer/shooter that takes elements from games like Smash Bros, Little Big Planet and Quake III Arena and makes for one fast-paced action-driven game. With over 20 power-ups, 4 multiplayer game modes and endless combos-- this game is designed for deathmatch and tournament enthusiasts.

Any feedback would be great!

- GeForce 6xxx if you have an nVidia card
- Resolution of at least 1024x600

1. VERSION INFORMATION===================================================

This is Beta 2.0, the first public beta.

+ 20+ power-ups are fully functional
+ 4 game modes are fully functional
+ Practice mode available
+ Multiplayer available

Next version:

- Backgrounds and HUD need to be redone
- Some sounds need to be redone
- Placeholder music is in-place

2. KEYS==================================================================

Up/Down - Aim Up/Down
Left/Right - Run
Down key - Pickup item

Z - Jump
X - Lethal Arm/Shoot
C - Tactical Arm/Sidearm

1 - Smile
2 - Pain
3 - Blink

Spacebar - View Scoreboard

2A. ADVANCED MOVES=======================================================

Direction key against enemy + Jump button

This allows the player to kick an enemy away.
This move does not deal damage, but will stun an enemy if they hit a wall.

Wall Jump:
Direction key against wall + Jump button

Walk Backwards:
Left Shift + Direction key

3. POWER-UPS=============================================================

There are 4 types of power-ups in the game.
You can only have 1 of each at a time.


3A. GEMS =================================================================

The Gems power up your Lethal Arm.
Each Gem has a strength and weakness.

A player hit with the stronger gem is hurt 2x more.
A player hit with the weaker gem is hurt 1/2 less.

WATER (Blue Gem)
+ Strong against FIRE
- Weak against EARTH

FIRE (Red Gem)
+ Strong against EARTH
- Weak against WATER

EARTH (Green Gem)
+ Strong against WATER
- Weak against FIRE

3B. LETHAL ARMS===========================================================

Lethal Arms are affected by any GEM you are wearing.
These arms cause damage (as opposed to TACTICAL ARMS, see section 6).

>> Default:
-- Low fire-rate. Low damage. You start off with this arm.
-- Resembles PISTOL.

>> Barrage:
-- Powerful close-up sprays, weak for long distance.
-- Resembles SHOTGUN.

>> Gatling:
-- Low damage, high fire-rate.
-- Resembles CHAIN GUN.

>> Ball:
-- Powerful bouncing shots, low ammo.

>> Launcher:
- Detonatable missile with shot-canceling properties.

>> Thrower:
-- Close-ranged, high fire-rate.
-- Resembles FLAMETHROWER.

>> Beam
-- One long shot. Kills any enemies in its path.

3C. TACTICAL ARMS==========================================================

Also known as Sidearms.
Tactical Arms do not cause damage.

>> Rope Arm:
-- Allows player to swing.
-- Also, allows player to snag and pull enemies.

>> Tracker Arm:
-- Allows player to shoot a homing beacon. All shots go to homing beacon.
-- Also, arm points to direction of enemy when hit with a beacon.

>> Gem Toss Arm:
-- Allows player to snag enemy's gem.
-- Also, allows player to pick up other gems to throw at enemies.

>> Bear Trap Arm:
-- Allows player to drop traps to hold enemies in place.
-- Also, traps destroy Power Boots.

>> Capture Arm:
-- Allows player home in on enemy and shoot a magnetic ball that pulls off their equipment.
-- The more equipment it steals, the heavier the ball, the less it travels.

>> Porter Arm:
-- Allows player to tag an area to teleport to.
-- Also, allows player to tag an enemy and force them to switch positions with them.

>> Cement Arm:
-- Allows the player to create blocks of cement.

>> Shield Arm:
-- Blocks enemy shots.

3D. POWER BOOTS============================================================

>> Rocket Boots:
-- Allows the player to dash and hurt enemies by crashing into them.

>> Jet Boots:
-- Allows the player to fly

>> Spike Boots:
-- Allows for leap/bouncing ability that can destroy enemies if stomped.

4. GAME MODES=============================================================

>> Deathmatch
-- Most kills wins.

>> King of the Hill
-- Certain locations become hot spots.
-- The player to stand there the longest wins.

>> Super Gem
-- A clear gem appears.
-- The longest to hold the gem wins.

>> Alternation
-- Mostly Deathmatch, with short interludes of either KOTH or Super Gem.